[ Mountaineering ] Victorian album, containing 82 photographs, including several large-scale images of mountaineering in Switzerland, and of the 1900 Oberammergau Passion Play.

[Victorian mountaineering in Switzerland; Oberammergau; Tonneson Sisters of Chicago]
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[American?] Circa 1900.

Album, in maroon cloth and fake leather half-binding, containing 24 leaves of thick paper (dimensions 36 x 26.5 cm). Small stamp on front paste-down: 'D.A.I. LONDON | No. 20[2]' (last digit added in manuscript). The binding is heavily-worn, with spine lacking, and the pages are somewhat discoloured with age, but the 82 photographs are in good condition, with four creased before insertion into the album, and one with slight discoloration. One photograph has been removed. Can be dated from picture of the 'Kreuzigung.

[Printed pamphlet.] Ober-Ammergau. Passion Play. A.D. 1890.

John W. Shackelford, Rector of the Church of Christ of the Reedemer, New York City; Daniel I. Odell, Rector of St. Luke's Church, Chelsea, Massachusetts; James O. S. Huntington, O.H.C. [Ober-Ammergau]
Publication details: 
[New York?] 1890.

8pp., landscape 16mo. An attractive little pamphlet, in the form of a letter 'To any whose privilege it is to have seen the Passion Play'. The pamphlet ends with five points, the last of which is: 'In rthe event of a repetition of the Passion Play in 1900, to urge Christians who may attend it to go in the spirit of pilgrimage, and to make provision for the spiritual interests of those who are present at the Play.' Very good, on lightly-aged paper. Scarce: the only copy on COPAC at Oxford, and no copy on OCLC WorldCat.

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