[ Mountaineering ] Victorian album, containing 82 photographs, including several large-scale images of mountaineering in Switzerland, and of the 1900 Oberammergau Passion Play.

[Victorian mountaineering in Switzerland; Oberammergau; Tonneson Sisters of Chicago]
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[American?] Circa 1900.

Album, in maroon cloth and fake leather half-binding, containing 24 leaves of thick paper (dimensions 36 x 26.5 cm). Small stamp on front paste-down: 'D.A.I. LONDON | No. 20[2]' (last digit added in manuscript). The binding is heavily-worn, with spine lacking, and the pages are somewhat discoloured with age, but the 82 photographs are in good condition, with four creased before insertion into the album, and one with slight discoloration. One photograph has been removed. Can be dated from picture of the 'Kreuzigung.

[ Carl Haag, artist. ] Autograph Note Signed to Edward Baker, agreeing to accept a gift from 'Mr: Morris'.

Carl Haag (1820-1915), Bavarian artist settled in England, court painter to the duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Publication details: 
Ida Villa, 7 Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead, NW, on cancelled letterhead of 16 New Burlington Street [ London ]. 28 November 1867.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly-aged, with traces of glue from mounting on blank reverse. Reads: 'Sir, | In reply to your polite note of the 22nd. inst:, I am quite prepared to receive the "Camel Coats" [?] with which my friend Mr: Morris has kindly bethought me, and I shall thank you for their delivery.'

[Sheena Tennant, Margot Asquith's cousin.] Autograph 'Concert & Theatre Book 1902-1904', recording her attendance at events while studying music in Munich.

Sheena Lilian Grant Tennant [later Kendall] (1883-1974), daughter of James Tennant (1852-1933) of Fairlieburne, Fairlie, Ayrshire, Scotland, industrialist, and cousin of Margot Asquith
Publication details: 
'November 6th. 1902 to December 29th. 1904 | Fairlieburne | Fairlie | Ayrshire. | Akademie Strasse 73 | München | Bavaria'.

91pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, in aged and worn notebook with cloth spine and brown marbled covers, with label on front cover. Carefully and neatly written, with date, venue, title and musicians and actors names. The volume begins with concerts at St Andrew's Hall, Glasgow, with other performances in London, Cambridge and Liverpool, but 29 September 1904 on p.32, the performances are seen in Munich. Among the artistes are Leonard Borwick, Bernard Stavenhagen, Felix Weingartner, Berthe Marx-Goldschmidt, Theresa Carreno.

Two sections of the Autograph Diary of Mary Jane, wife of Congreve Lonsdale, Attaché to the British Legation at Munich, describing domestic and political events in Bavaria, beginning with an eyewitness account of King Ludwig of Bavaria's abdication.

Mary Jane Lonsdale (nee Littledale), wife of Gwalter Borranskill Congreve Lonsdale (1807-1866), Attaché to the British Legation at Munich [Lola Montez; King Ludwig of Bavaria; Revolutions of 1848]
Autograph Diary of Mary Jane, wife of Congreve Lonsdale, Attaché (Munich 1847ff)
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Mainly Munich, Bavaria; but with entries describing trips home to England. The first section with entries dating from 12 June 1847 to 22 July 1852. The second section with entries dating from 1 January 1862 to 29 December 1864.
Autograph Diary of Mary Jane, wife of Congreve Lonsdale, Attaché (Munich 1847ff)

A total of 36 pp in 8vo. First section (12 June 1847 to 22 July 1852): 16 pp, at around 30 lines per page. Second section (1 January 1862 to 29 December 1864): 20 pp, at around 40 lines per page. All text clear and complete. Good, on aged paper, with minor unobtrusive repair to last two leaves of first section. Both sections unbound, in separate sewn gatherings. The diary is unsigned, but the context establishes the author beyond doubt as Lonsdale's wife Mary Jane, daughter of Mary Littledale (1779-1855), widow of Anthony Littledale of Bolton Hall, Yorkshire.

Autograph Note Signed ('Elisabeth') in English to unnamed male correspondent.

Elisabeth [Elizabeth] Ludovika of Bavaria (1801-1873), Princess of Bavaria and later Queen consort of Prussia as wife of King Frederick William IV of Prussia (1795-1861)
Publication details: 
Friday' [date not stated]; on letterhead of York House, Twickenham, S.W. [London].

16mo (roughly 11 x 8 cm), 1 p. Creased and ruckled, and with slight discolouration from previous mounting, and with a piece of the mount adhering to the blank reverse. Reads 'My dear Sir | I thank you for your letter and the information it contained. I write to Paris to have PP' book as soon as it is out. | Yours truly | [signed] Elisabeth'. Signature stylized to the point of illegibility. Piece of mount docketed in contemporary hand 'Elizabeth late Queen of Prussia'.

Two printed nineteenth-century offprints relating to salmon fishing: 'Aquaeculture, and the artificial propogation of the Danube Salmon in Bavaria, by Dr. Wimmer' and 'The Coquet as a Salmon River'.

Anthony Wimmer; William Dickson [nineteenth-century salmon fishing; angling; field sports; the Coquet River]
Publication details: 
Both British, 1857 and 1871.

Both items with text clear and entire. Item One: offprint, on one side of a piece of wove paper 25 x 18.5 cm. Good, on lightly-aged paper with some wear to extremities. Headed 'AQUAECULTURE, And the Artificial Propogation [sic] of the Danube Salmon in Bavaria, BY DR. WIMMER. | Re-printed from the Macclesfield Courier June 27, 1857.' The letter, dated 'Landshut, 11th June, 1857', is addressed to 'Thomas Ashworth, Esq.' and covers two columns of small print. Item Two: offprint, on one side of a piece of watermarked wove paper 33.5 x 20.5 cm.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Carl Haag') to Mrs Grant Morris.

Johann Carl Haag (1820-1915), Bavarian watercolour painter who settled in England and became a leading orientalist
Publication details: 
7 November 1884; on letterhead of Ida Villa, Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead, London N.W.

8vo, 1 p, 8 lines. Folded twice. Good, on lightly discoloured paper. Informing the Morrises of 'our safe arrival', and thanking them for 'the very amiable hospitality we have enjoyed'. 'Mrs. Haag in this moment feels a little the fatigue of the journey but will ere long use a leisure hour to write to you.'

Autograph Note Signed.

Joseph Freiherr von Hormayr
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

Born 1781, died 1848. Dimensions approximately four inches by five inches. In good condition. Neatly mounted on a larger piece of paper, which is docketed 'Baron Hormayr is still famous for the part he had in the revolt of the Tyrol in 1809. Four lines in closely written gothic scrip, with signature. Scan on application for contents.

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