[ Patrick Leigh Fermor ]Manuscript letter, in Greek, from 'Haris' in Heraklion, informing Fermor of allegations that he ordered the execution of 'Apolorona and Hania' and others, and that he is organizing the military occupation of Crete by the British.

[Patrick Leigh Fermor (1915-2011), British soldier and travel writer; 'Haris' of Heraklion, Cretan opponent of Communism; Cretan resistance; SOE; Major 'Xan' Fielding (1918-1991)]
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Heraklion [Crete, Greece]. 12 January 1947.

4pp., 8vo. 96 lines of text. On paper ruled for accounts. On lightly-aged paper, with loss to corners and at central edge, affecting a few lines of text. Accompanying the letter is a translation (2pp., 8vo) by Colin Jordan, with the assistance of Dr Loukas Christodloulos. The letter is of great interest, casting light on Leigh Fermor's activities in Crete in the period following the Second World War.

[ Royal Air Force School of Army Co-operation, Old Sarum (No. 2 Combined Ops. Bombardment Unit).] Bound collection of thirty-five Second World War duplicated lecture notes, with annotations by 2nd Lieut. J. S. Eason, and an autograph report by him.

Royal Air Force School of Army Co-operation, Old Sarum [ No. 2 Combined Ops. Bombardment Unit ] [ Second World War lecture notes; 2nd Lieut. J. S. Eason, Royal Marines ]
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School of Army Co-operation [ No. 2 Combined Ops. Bombardment Unit ]. Most from Old Sarum. Dating from between September 1943 and December 1944.

None of the items in the following collection has been traced elsewhere, either at the Imperial War Museum, or on WorldCat or COPAC. The background to the collection is explained by one authority as follows : 'The School of Army Co-operation was originally established at Old Sarum in 1920, to provide training for air officers supporting troops on the ground. It became the School of Air Support in 1945 when its remit was broadened to cover assistance by air in amphibious operations. It was reformed again in May 1947, within No. 11 Group, as the School of Land/Air Warfare.

Part of a mimeographed typewritten report into the activities of the VDA, including translations of Haushofer's 'Problems and Solutions of the VDA', Bockhacker's 'Resettlement Christmas', and other texts.

Der Volksbund für das Deutschtum im Ausland [VDA; Karl Haushofer; Heinz Bockhacker; Nazi propaganda; Germany; Second World War]
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[Compiled by the American intelligence services between 1942 and the end of the Second World War.

The spelling (e.g. 'honor') is American, the latest date mentioned is in 1942, and there is no indication that the document has ever been published. 58 pages, on one side each of fifty-eight A4 leaves (each roughly 26 x 20 cm), paginated 26 to 83. Punch holes for a binder at the head of each leaf.

Manuscript Itinerary headed "H.M.S. Mindful" at Buncrana June 1918.

A member of the crew of H.M.S. Mindful, destroyer.
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25 June -14 Dec. 1918.

Manuscript, 8 pages, 4to, chipped (with minor textual loss) and slightly stained, text clear. Convoy and anti-submarine activity. Usually one line description per day but there is a long description of action involved while on convoy duty, encounters with submarines, reinforcements, damaged ships, etc. Their first move was to leave Base on 27th June "in search of Submarine D.6. (overdue) and then carried on to Lamlash". [D.6.

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