Letter to 'The Rt. Hon Thos Shaw, M.P. | Minister For War | House of Jews Spittoons | (alias Commons) | Westminster | London'.

'William Stuart alias William Styles Gent.' [Judaica; Jews; antisemitism; Newcastle]
Publication details: 
20 December 1929; 2 Middle Street, North Shields [Tyne and Wear].

Shaw (1872-1938) was Secretary of State for War in Ramsay Macdonald's Labour administration. Twenty pages, quarto. Paginated by author. On one side each of twenty leaves of high-acidity paper, discoloured with age and fraying at extremities. Text entirely legible, but with some loss at head of each leaf and particular damage to the final one (affecting signature). A singular psychological case: the astounding rantings of a lunatic, replete with underlinings, capital letters and exclamation marks.

[Printed pamphlet.] The Work of the Council in connection with Juvenile Delinquency in London. [Evidence given on behalf of the Council before the Home Office Departmental Committee on the Treatment of Young Offenders.]

G. H. Gater, Education Officer, London County Council, Education Committee; Sir Cyril Lodowic Burt (1883-1971; ODNB) [Juvenile Delinquency]
Publication details: 
The County Hall, Westminster Bridge, S.E.1. Published by the London County Council [P. S. King & Son, Limited, 14, Great Smith Street, Victoria Street, Westminster, SW1]. 1926.

40pp., foolscap 8vo. In orange printed wraps. Stamps, shelfmark and label of the Board of Education Reference Library, London. Stitched. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Includes 26pp. of tables. Preface (p.2) by Gater and 'Appendix II' (pp.19-20) by Sir Cyril Burt ('Memorandum by Dr. Cyril Burt, Psychologist in the Education Officer's Department of the London County Council.') The only copy on COPAC at the Guildhall Library, City of London, and the only two copies on OCLC WorldCat both in the United States.

[Offprint.] Things and Sensations. [From the Proceedings of the British Academy, Vol. II.]

G. F. Stout [George Frederick Stout (1860-1944), philosopher and psychologist] [The British Academy]
Publication details: 
London: Published for the British Academy By Henry Frowde, Oxford University Press Warehouse, Amen Corner, E.C. [London. 1905.]

13pp., 8vo. In grey printed wraps. In fair condition, with slight wear at spine from disbinding. Copies on COPAC at the British Library and five other locations.

[Leaflets on Social Hygiene No. 1.] Television. A Problem of Physical & Psychological Health by Dr. Walther Buchler and Dr. Norbert Glas.

Dr. Walther Buehler and Dr. Norbert Glas [Leaflets on Social Hygiene; Television and Radio]
Publication details: 
Education and Science Publications, Stroud, Gloucestershire. [1962.] [Printed by Gloucester Printers Ltd., Blackfriars Press, Ladybellegate Street, Gloucester.]

8pp., 12mo. Fair, on aged paper, with small ink blot at head (not affecting text) and dogeared final leaf. The item deals with six aspects of the problem: 'The Child before the Television Screen'; 'General Damages and Dangers'; 'Atomising of the Soul'; 'The Nature of the Human Eye'; 'Injury of Other Senses'; 'A Problem of the Human Being'. It concludes: 'These leaflets are translated and issed by courtesy of the Verein zur Förderung eines erweiterten Heilwesens, of Stuttgart, with whom this new impulse in social hygiene originates.

Part of a mimeographed typewritten report into the activities of the VDA, including translations of Haushofer's 'Problems and Solutions of the VDA', Bockhacker's 'Resettlement Christmas', and other texts.

Der Volksbund für das Deutschtum im Ausland [VDA; Karl Haushofer; Heinz Bockhacker; Nazi propaganda; Germany; Second World War]
Publication details: 
[Compiled by the American intelligence services between 1942 and the end of the Second World War.

The spelling (e.g. 'honor') is American, the latest date mentioned is in 1942, and there is no indication that the document has ever been published. 58 pages, on one side each of fifty-eight A4 leaves (each roughly 26 x 20 cm), paginated 26 to 83. Punch holes for a binder at the head of each leaf.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. S. Clouston') to 'A. Atkinson'.

Sir Thomas Smith Clouston (1840-1915), physician-superintendant of the Royal Edinburgh Asylum, and editor of the 'Journal of Mental Science'
Publication details: 
17 October 1904; on letterhead of Tipperlinn House, Morningside Place, Edinburgh [Scotland].

12mo: 1 p. On lightly spotted and creased paper. Quintessential doctor's handwriting. He is sorry he cannot be present 'to hear Dr 's paper', and that he cannot find time to write a paper himself. 'The subject is an interesting & important one, & is part of a still larger one <...?> physiologically considered'.

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