[ The Trial of Queen Caroline, 1820. ] Manuscript draft 'Address to the King' (King George IV) [ by the nobility and gentry of Cambridgeshire ] censuring 'his present Ministers' for the 'extraordinary proceedings' against Queen Caroline.

[ Queen Caroline of Brunswick (1768-1821), consort of King George IV ] [ Samuel Wells, Under Sheriff of the County of Cambridgeshire ]
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[ Cambridgeshire, 1821. ]

The present item is the subject of a letter to The Times, 1 August 1821, from Samuel Wells, 'Late Under Sheriff of Cambridgeshire', in which it is quoted as having been drawn up at a 'public meeting of the County of Cambridgeshire [...] convened by the late High Sheriff, in consquence of a requisition presented to him for that purpose, which requisition was signed by several noblemen and magistrates, with 27 other proprietors of considerable estates within the county'. 2pp., 4to. On watermarked laid paper. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn.

Autograph Letter Signed ('G. Colman') from the playwright George Colman the Younger, defending his imposition of a financial penalty on the recipient [apparently an actress] for non-attendance [at a performance at the Haymarket Theatre].

George Colman the younger (1762-1836), playwright and manager of the Haymarket Theatre, London [James Winston (1773?-1843), acting manager at the Haymarket Theatre]
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Melina Place, London; 21 July 1814.

1p., 4to. On aged and grubby paper. The letter provides an interesting insight into the niceties of Regency theatrical practice. Colman peremptorily addresses it to 'Madam', before expressing his displeasure and defending his imposition of a penalty, as a result of the non-attendance of the recipient (apparently an actress) at a performance at the Haymarket.

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