[ Poor Rates in Devon, 1819. ] Handbill 'Poor Rates' notice by H. Roberts, Governor, Hospital of Poor's Portion, Plymouth, regarding the examination of 'the Receipts of the Collectors'.

H. Roberts, Governor, Hospital of Poor's Portion, Plymouth [ Poor Rates in Devon ]
Publication details: 
'Hospital of Poor's Portion, 23rd August, 1819.' [ 'WILLIAMS, PRINTER AND BOOKSELLER, OLD-TOWN, PLYMOUTH.' ]

Printed on one side of a 31.5 x 19.5 cm piece of Britannia laid paper. A fragile piece of ephemera, aged and with heavy wear to extremities. The text is complete, except for loss to the first letter ('P') of the first word ('Poor') on the top line. Text reads: 'Poor Rates. | THE GUARDIANS who were appointed a Committee to examine the Receipts of the Collectors, having compared a great number of Receipts with the Original Rate Book, have the satisfaction to inform the Inhabitants that they are fully satisfied with Messrs.

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