[Home Secretary prepares Press for Ministry of Information on eve of World War Two.] 'Private and Confidential' typescript of 'Meeting between the Secretary of State for Home Affairs [Sir Samuel Hoare] and the Newspaper Proprietors Association etc.'

Sir Samuel Hoare [Viscount Templewood]; Newspaper Proprietors Association [Ministry of Information; E. C. Harmsworth, Viscount Rothermere; Daily Mail; Lord Burnham; Daily Telegraph; Fleet Street]
Publication details: 
'Home Office, Whitehall, S.W.1. [London] | Wednesday, 29th March, 1939.' '(Transcript from the Shorthand Notes of Treasury Reporter)'.

Secret duplicated Home Office document, no other copy of which has been discovered (none on OCLC WorldCat, for example) and no reference to the meeting found.

[ Game Certificates, 1815. ] Printed notice headed 'No. 1. Game Certificates. To be affixed on Church or Chapel Doors, &c. | Duties on Game Certificates.'

[ Game Certificates, 1815 ] [ Benjamin Wright, London printer; hunting; field sports ]
Publication details: 
Circa 1814 (the certificates being 'for the Year commencing the 5th of April 1815', following 'an Act passed in the 54th Year of the Reign of His present Majesty'). Benjamin Wright and Co. Printers, 31, Little Queen-street, Holborn, London.

Crisply printed, with the long s, on one side of a piece of 37.5 x 25 cm. thick laid paper. In fair condition, aged and worn, having been used to wrap up items, and with the following in manuscript on reverse: 'No. 1. | Vouchers | recd. of Mr. Gabell'. The text begins: 'Notice is hereby given, that by the Acts of 48 Geo. III. Cap. 55. and 52 Geo. III. Cap. 93.

[ Poor Rates in Devon, 1819. ] Handbill 'Poor Rates' notice by H. Roberts, Governor, Hospital of Poor's Portion, Plymouth, regarding the examination of 'the Receipts of the Collectors'.

H. Roberts, Governor, Hospital of Poor's Portion, Plymouth [ Poor Rates in Devon ]
Publication details: 
'Hospital of Poor's Portion, 23rd August, 1819.' [ 'WILLIAMS, PRINTER AND BOOKSELLER, OLD-TOWN, PLYMOUTH.' ]

Printed on one side of a 31.5 x 19.5 cm piece of Britannia laid paper. A fragile piece of ephemera, aged and with heavy wear to extremities. The text is complete, except for loss to the first letter ('P') of the first word ('Poor') on the top line. Text reads: 'Poor Rates. | THE GUARDIANS who were appointed a Committee to examine the Receipts of the Collectors, having compared a great number of Receipts with the Original Rate Book, have the satisfaction to inform the Inhabitants that they are fully satisfied with Messrs.

[Printed notice (with 'Address') of the formation of 'The Bible Association of St Peter's Church, in Ipswich'.] At a Meeting of Several Friends to the British and Foreign Bible Society, Held at St. Peter's Parsonage, Ipswich, October 5th, 1812.

[The Bible Association of St. Peter's Church, in Ipswich; Suffolk Auxiliary Bible Society; The British and Foreign Bible Society, London; Rev. Edward Griffin]
Publication details: 
Printed by John King, County Press, Ipswich. 1812.

3pp., 8vo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on worn and lightly-aged paper. The first page is headed: 'At a Meeting of Several Friends | to the | British and Foreign Bible Society, | Held at St. Peter's Parsonage, Ipswich, | October 5th, 1812, | The Rev. Edward Griffin, in the Chair, | It was resolved, | [...]'. Eight resolutions in small print follow, covering the whole of the first page.

Printed reward poster in English and Italian, headed 'Minute by His Honor the Lieutenant Governor' and 'Notificazione di Sua Signoria l'Onorabile Luogot. Govern.', by Richard Plasket, regarding a murderous assault on Giuseppe Pace of Casal Luca.

Sir Richard Plasket, Chief Secretary to the Government, Palace, Valletta [Giuseppe Pace of Casal Luca, Malta]
Publication details: 
'Palace, Valletta [Malta], 30th October, 1823.'

On one side of a 43 x 31.5 cm piece of laid paper, with 'JL GRAN | MASSO' watermark. On stained paper with slight wear along head and slight pitting affecting a few words of text. An attractive official communication, in two columns (English on left and Italian on right) beneath the British royal crest. Begins: 'WHEREAS it has been represented to HIS HONOR THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR, that, Giuseppe Pace, of Casal Luca, having, about half-past eight o'Clock, on the evening of the Twenty-eighth instant, repaired to certain premises belonging to his family, situate in Strada St.

Spoof notice by 'T. N. Mitchell, Benson, Henley', regarding the death of an 82-year-old 'Wireless Dealer' who is said to have left a fortune of £50,000', with signed inscription by Mitchell on reverse.

T. N. Mitchell of Benson, Oxford [Blows, printer, Henley; spoof; hoax]
Publication details: 
Dated by Mitchell in manuscript 'Xmas 1930'. Printed by 'BLOWS, HENLEY'.

On a piece of brown card roughly 250 x 200 mm. Designed to be hung from two punch holes at head. Worn and aged, but with text (printed in red and black within a decorative border) clear and entire. A clever and amusing spoof, deliberately old-fashioned typographically in a parody of 'improving' texts. Reads '£50,000 | A Wireless Dealer aged 82, died - He left £50,000; thanks to long hours, close attention to business, strict economy, and - a bequest of £49,650 from an Uncle in Australia | T. N. MITCHELL | Benson, Oxford.' Inscribed on the reverse 'Xmas. 1930.

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