[ Electric Telegraph patents, 1874. ] Manuscript Memorandum of Agreement between Rev. Henry Highton and William Henry Allcard and George F. Smith.

Rev. Henry Highton (1816-1874), Principal of Cheltenham College and experimenter in telegraphy; William Henry Allcard; George Frederick Smith ]
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20 January 1874.

6 + [1] pp., folio. On two bifoliums stitched together with black thread. Laid out in the customary legal style, with embossed tax stamp. Unsigned. The agreement is 'Between The Reverend Henry Highton of the Cedars, Putney, in the County of Surrey, Clerk, (hereinafter referred to as 'the Patentee') of the one part and William Henry Allcard of New Burlington Street in the County of Middlesex, Esquire, and George Frederick Smith of Golden Square in the County of Middlesex, Gentleman, of the other part'.

[Sir William Henry Preece, electrical engineer to the Post Office system.] Autograph Letter Signed and Autograph Note Signed (both 'W. H Preece') to Clement Hoult.

Sir William Henry Preece (1834-1913), electrical engineer and inventor, a student of Faraday, electrican to the Post Office system [Clement Hoult, Wolverhampton accountant]
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The letter on letterhead of 8 Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, S.W. [London] 24 April 1902. The note on letterhead of Gothic Lodge, Wimbledon Common. 30 April 1902.

Both items in good condition, on lightly aged paper. LETTER: 2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He begins by informing him when he will be arriving in Wolverhampton from Euston, adding that he will be 'very glad' to see Hoult 'and the Chairman at the R[ailway]. S[tation].' He 'will have to go direct to the Agricultural Hall to give directions to my men what to do. Kerr comes down later.' He concludes in the hope that 'Mr Hook from Birmingham will come early also'. NOTE: 1p., 16mo. Mourning border. 'I have not seen a report of my address. Was it printed?'

Spoof notice by 'T. N. Mitchell, Benson, Henley', regarding the death of an 82-year-old 'Wireless Dealer' who is said to have left a fortune of £50,000', with signed inscription by Mitchell on reverse.

T. N. Mitchell of Benson, Oxford [Blows, printer, Henley; spoof; hoax]
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Dated by Mitchell in manuscript 'Xmas 1930'. Printed by 'BLOWS, HENLEY'.

On a piece of brown card roughly 250 x 200 mm. Designed to be hung from two punch holes at head. Worn and aged, but with text (printed in red and black within a decorative border) clear and entire. A clever and amusing spoof, deliberately old-fashioned typographically in a parody of 'improving' texts. Reads '£50,000 | A Wireless Dealer aged 82, died - He left £50,000; thanks to long hours, close attention to business, strict economy, and - a bequest of £49,650 from an Uncle in Australia | T. N. MITCHELL | Benson, Oxford.' Inscribed on the reverse 'Xmas. 1930.

Five items relating to Horton's application for permission to operate a wireless telegraph, including his 'Licence to establish wireless telegraphy station for experiments in wireless telegraphy'.

John Laurence Horton (1915-1997), British analytical chemist and radio ham [Wireless Telegraphy Acts, 1904-1926; Post Office Telegrams; Postmaster General; General Post Office]
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All 1939.

All five items in good condition, with a little rust spotting from a staple. A little wear to the edge of item two, not affecting text. Four of the five stamped with Horton's call sign '2AHN'. Item One: a printed leaflet (4to, 2 pp), dated GENERAL POST OFFICE, | London | March, 1939.', headed 'B | EXPERIMENTS IN WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY | [...] | AUTHORITY FOR SENDING AND RECEIVING | SUMMARY OF CONDITIONS OF ISSUE | NOTE. - All sending stations must also be equipped for reception'. Item Two: Typewritten copy of Horton's 'Application for Experimental Licence 25th.

Faraday Number. Faraday Celebrations 1931 [...] Faraday Centenary Exhibition, Royal Albert Hall [...].

The Times of London [Michael Faraday; Clifford Webb; Lord Rutherford; General Electric Company; Siemens; Mullard Wireless Service Co.]
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London: Monday, 21 September 1931.

Broadsheet. Twenty-two pages. On browned high-acidity paper, with slight wear and loss to extremities and along central horizontal fold. Attractive full-page illustration cover illustration by Clifford Webb. Articles include 'Telegraphy and telephony. From Morse apparatus to the teleprinter. World-wide conversation.' by Colonel Sir Thomas Purves, and 'Generation of Electricity. Supremacy of the steam turbine. Economy of space and fuel.' by Robert H. Parsons. Also 'The making of a natural philospher. Heredity and environment.

Autograph Letter Signed "Oliver Lodge" to the officers and members of the Guild of Undergraduates.

Oliver Lodge.
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The University, Edmund Street, Birmingham, 23 Oct. 1909.

1851-1940, scientist and first principal of Birmingham University (DNB). Three pages, 8vo, one page stiffened by remains of card (for laying down), good condition.He wishes to thank the officers and members of the Guild of Undrgraduates "for their valuable assiistance as Stewards at the Degree Celebration on Wednesday last." Honorary graduates wanted hm to pass on their appreciation, the ceremony being, "in the judgment of many of large experience (Mr. Balfour among others), the best that they have attended at any University.

Typed Letter Signed to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, together with unsigned carbon copy of the secretary's reply.

Captain Basil Rupert Willett [MARCONI; RADAR]
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Letter: 9 July 1947, on letterhead of 'MARCONI'S WIRELESS TELEGRAPH COMPANY LIMITED'; carbon copy: 10 July 1947, no place.

Willett (died 1966) and C. E. Horton were the two Royal Navy representatives to whom, in the autumn of 1940, it was demonstrated that the 10cm ground-based, experimental radar equipment could track ships. LETTER (one page, octavo, creased and grubby, with staple holes to one corner, stamped and docketed): Acknowledges a letter of 4 July, and is 'honoured to accept the invitation of the Council of the Royal Society of Arts to seek election as a Fellow of the Society'. Encloses a 'Form of Proposal' and a cheque (neither present) and suggests the setting up of a banker's order.

Printed circular letter, A. Ogle, Secretary of Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company, Ltd. to "Dear Sir (or Madam)".

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Marconi House, Strand, 30 July 1923.

One page, 4to, fold marks, sl. chipped, sl. foxing, text clear and complete. They announce a defferral of the Annual General Meeting while the agreement "now under negotiation between H.M. Government and the Company for the provision of an Empire Wireless Telegraph Service and te granting of a general licence for a world wireless telegraph sevice" is discussed.

Temporary Certificate Exchangeable for Engraved Certificate.

[SHARE CERTIFICATE] Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America
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Approximately 8 inches by 11 inches. Printed in red and black. In good condition, but grubby, creased and with some staple and pin holes. Records the Rev. Arthur Robert William Law's holding of ten shares. Signed by the Treasurer and Vice-President, and countersigned by the Transfer Agent. Signed by Law on reverse. Large stamped notice in black ink by The Corporation Trust Company. Margins docketed in pencil.

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