[Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of radio: family correspondence.] 40 items to governess Millicent Goodsir ('Miss Unger') from Marconi's second wife Cristina [née Bezzi Scali], her mother and daughter: letters and cards in English, inscribed photographs.

[Guglielmo Marconi [Marquis of Marconi] (1874-1937), inventor of radio, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics; his second wife Maria Cristina Bezzi-Scali, their daughter Elettra Giovanelli
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Most from 11 Via Condotti, Rome. 1914-1968.

Forty items, in good condition, lightly aged and worn, with some of the photographs with evidence on reverse of having been mounted. Millicent Goodsir [née Unger] (1885-1983) was governess to Christina Bezzi Scali (1900-1994), daughter of Francesco, Count Bezzi Scali and his wife Anna (1879-1968). In 1927 Cristina became Marconi's second wife. Their only child was Maria Elettra Elena Anna Marconi (b.1930), who would marry Prince Carlo Giovannelli (1942-2016).

[Printed conference paper.] Earth Station Aerial Performance.

P. R. Neate, G.I.Mech.E. - The Marconi Company Limited [United Kingdom Seminar on Communication-Satellite Earth Station Planning and Operation, London, 1968]
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London: United Kingdom Seminar on Communication-Satellite Earth Station Planning and Operation, 1968 (Section C, Paper No. 3).

35pp., foolscap 8vo. Eleven figures and three tables in text. Stapled, with front cover printed in black, red and blue, carrying stylised design of satellite design. Cover stamped with date 4 June 1968. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Scarce: no copies on OCLC WorldCat or COPAC. From the Pat Hawker archive.

Typed Letter Signed to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, together with unsigned carbon copy of the secretary's reply.

Captain Basil Rupert Willett [MARCONI; RADAR]
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Letter: 9 July 1947, on letterhead of 'MARCONI'S WIRELESS TELEGRAPH COMPANY LIMITED'; carbon copy: 10 July 1947, no place.

Willett (died 1966) and C. E. Horton were the two Royal Navy representatives to whom, in the autumn of 1940, it was demonstrated that the 10cm ground-based, experimental radar equipment could track ships. LETTER (one page, octavo, creased and grubby, with staple holes to one corner, stamped and docketed): Acknowledges a letter of 4 July, and is 'honoured to accept the invitation of the Council of the Royal Society of Arts to seek election as a Fellow of the Society'. Encloses a 'Form of Proposal' and a cheque (neither present) and suggests the setting up of a banker's order.

Temporary Certificate Exchangeable for Engraved Certificate.

[SHARE CERTIFICATE] Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America
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Approximately 8 inches by 11 inches. Printed in red and black. In good condition, but grubby, creased and with some staple and pin holes. Records the Rev. Arthur Robert William Law's holding of ten shares. Signed by the Treasurer and Vice-President, and countersigned by the Transfer Agent. Signed by Law on reverse. Large stamped notice in black ink by The Corporation Trust Company. Margins docketed in pencil.

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