[ Poor Rates in Devon, 1819. ] Handbill 'Poor Rates' notice by H. Roberts, Governor, Hospital of Poor's Portion, Plymouth, regarding the examination of 'the Receipts of the Collectors'.

H. Roberts, Governor, Hospital of Poor's Portion, Plymouth [ Poor Rates in Devon ]
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'Hospital of Poor's Portion, 23rd August, 1819.' [ 'WILLIAMS, PRINTER AND BOOKSELLER, OLD-TOWN, PLYMOUTH.' ]

Printed on one side of a 31.5 x 19.5 cm piece of Britannia laid paper. A fragile piece of ephemera, aged and with heavy wear to extremities. The text is complete, except for loss to the first letter ('P') of the first word ('Poor') on the top line. Text reads: 'Poor Rates. | THE GUARDIANS who were appointed a Committee to examine the Receipts of the Collectors, having compared a great number of Receipts with the Original Rate Book, have the satisfaction to inform the Inhabitants that they are fully satisfied with Messrs.

[Dr James Roche Verling, Napoleon's personal physician on St Helena.] Typescript: 'The St. Helena Journal of Dr. James Verling. A typewritten copy of the original manuscript presented to Napoleon III and now in Les Archives Nationales at Paris.'

James Roche Verling (1787-1858), Irish physician in the British Army, personal surgeon to Napoleon Bonaparte on St Helena, 1818-1820 [Norman F. Edwards]
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Note: 'This copy, one of six, belongs to - | Norman F. Edwards. | March, 1934.'

[4] + 172pp., 8vo. Attractively typed up with the greatest skill and care in black, with underlining in red, on 176 leaves, interleaved and bound in an attractive red morocco leather half-binding, with cloth boards and marbled endpapers, spine in six compartments tooled in gilt with title 'THE VERLING JOURNAL', and red ribbon bookmark. In very good condition, lightly-aged in binding with the slightest wear and fading to the cloth. The text is preceded by a typed title page, a one-page 'Note' and a two-page introduction by 'Mr.

Document Signed "[?] Decazes" to "M. Gaillard Senainville, agent de la Societe d'encouragt".

Elie, Duc Decazes, French Statesman.
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Ministere de l'Interieur, Paris, 14 April 1819.

In French. Two pages, fol., secretarial hand, signed by Decazes. He is appoijmting Inspectors ("travail" and "surveillance" to ensure the proper operation of the Exposition "des produits de l'industrie francaise, qui doit avoir lieu au Louvre le 25 Avril prochain". He recalls that his correspondent was responsible, at the Exposition of 1806, for "toutes les operations concernant la classification des produits, et leur distribution . . .".

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