Autograph Translations by Robert Proud of Pennsylvania, of 'On Gardens, From the Latin of Lord Bacons Essays &c' and the 'Laus Mortuli' of Virgil. With printings of Proud's 'Autobiography' and Charles West Thomson's 'Notices'.

Robert Proud (1728-1813), English-born American loyalist, author of 'The History of Pennsylvania in North America' [Charles West Thomson]
Publication details: 
The autograph of 'On Gardens': 'Translation by R. P. Anno. 1802.' Thomson's 'Notices': 'Read before the Council, August 16, 1826.' The 'Autobiography' from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, January 1890.

ONE: Autograph translations by Proud. 14pp., 12mo. Unbound, stitched into a booklet of laid watermarked paper, with deckled edges. In very good condition, neatly and closely written on lightly-aged paper. Upwards along the inner margin of the first page Proud has written: 'Translation by R. P. Anno. 1802.' The translation of 'On Gardens, | From the Latin of Lord Bacon's Essays &c' covers the first 12pp., paginated 1-12; the 'Laus Mortuli. Translated at Hackney near London from a Lat. Epigram of Virgil, abt. the year 1752. by R. P.' covers the last two pages, and is unpaginated.

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