[John Sugden, Bishop of Selsey.] Two Autograph Letters Signed ('John Sugden Bishop of Selsey. | (in the Ref. Ep. Ch.)') to Herbert Pentin

John Sugden (d.1897), Bishop of Selsey in the Reformed Episcopal Church [Free Church of England]
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Both letters addressed from 28 Tierney Road, Streatham Hill, London. 18 and 24 July 1891.

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Both addressed to 'My dear Mr Penton'. ONE (18 July 1891): 4pp., 8vo. He begins by explaining the American origins of the Reformed Episcopal Church. 'I am not sure that I grasp your meaning as to "whether there is a full Episcopate in England". I may however say that there is an ample supply of Bishops properly consecrated and duly qualified to perpetuate the Episcopate in an orderly manner.' After discussing 'dress' he continues: 'The little Bishop of Selsey is "used". I generally sign Ecclesl.

Three printed reports of meetings held at the Council House, Chichester, of the West Sussex branch of the British 'War Agricultural Committee' (two from 1915 and one from 1916) and one report from the 'War Agricultural Executive Committee'.

[Herbert Padwick, Chairman, War Agricultural Committee, West Sussex Branch; First World War; British farming; women and agriculture]
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The three 'War Agricultural Committee' reports: 16 November and 22 December 1915, and 9 February 1916. 'War Agricultural Executive Committee' report: 29 January 1917. All meetings held at the Council House, Chichester [West Sussex Committee].

All four items clear and complete, on lightly-aged and creased paper. Item One: Report of WAC meeting of 16 November 1915. Folio, 6 pp. Includes 'Reports from District Sub-Committees' and section on 'Enlistment as to Skilled Agricultural Labourers'. Also section on 'Women's County Committee'. Item Two: Report of WAC meeting of 22 December 1915. Folio, 4 pp. Sections on 'Instruction in milking to women' and 'Employment of women on farm work'. Signed in type as Chairman by Padwick. Item Three: Report of WAC meeting of 9 February 1916. Folio, 4 pp. Signed in type as Chairman by Padwick.

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