Printed programme of a performance by the First World War British Army 33rd Division Concert Party 'The Shrapnels', titled 'The First attempt at Pantomime in France | To avoid confusion we name it | The Babes in the W (censored)'.

'Corporal James Flint, Glasgow Highlanders' ['The Shrapnels' Concert Party of the 33rd Division of the British Army in the First World War]
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Slug: 'Béthune. - Imprimerie H. DAVID.' 'Initial Performance Wednesday 22nd Dec. 1915 and every evening until further notice'.

4pp., 4to. Bifolium. Fair, on aged and lightly-creased paper. An excessively scarce piece of First World War ephemera, with the only copy traced at the Imperial War Museum.

Carbon copy of manuscript.

Stunts by Fag End': contemporaneous account of first world war experiences by unidentified writer.
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Without date or place.

3 pages, 8vo. On three leaves of paper, all creased, discoloured and worn, with a few tears and pin holes. Lively, humorous, and well-written account of the army career of a skiver. 'Behold me then the next time in the trenches a Lewis Gunner, my-self to be about to kill Bosches in neat little trenches of 47. As a matter of fact I did not kill one as I never fired the gun but we had one or two thrilling times. [...] January 1st. 1917 I became a member of the now famous Tank Corps.

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