A collection of around 150 items relating to the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa, and African revolutionary politics, including booklets, periodicals, newspapers, handbills and circulars, from the papers of South African activist Basil Stein.

Collection of papers relating to South Africa, apartheid and African revolutionary politics [Basil Stein (1928-2012), South African mathematician, human rights activist and anti-apartheid campaigner]
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Most of the items published in either South Africa or London, England. The majority dating from the 1960s, with a few from the 1950s and 1970s.

Upwards of 150 items, in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. In two parts, with Part One (around 100 items) relating directly to the anti-apartheid struggle, and Part Two (around 50 items) to broader African revolutionary politics. Part One includes 16 booklets from the 1950s and 1960s: 'Nelson Mandela versus the State'; 'The Unholy Alliance. Salazar, Verwoerd, Welensky'; S. Abdul, 'The Truth about South Africa'; 'Sing Free South Africa'; 'What can I do? A Guide to Action Against Apartheid'; I. B. Tabata, 'Education for Barbarism'; Leslie Rubin, 'This is Apartheid'; H. E.

The Struggle.

Joseph Livesey, Preston [William Strange, Paternoster Row; Free Trade; repeal of the Corn Laws]
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No. 75. 'Printed and Published by J. LIVESEY, Preston. Sold by W. Strange, Paternoster-row, London [...]. [between 1842 and 1846]

4to: 4 pp. Unbound. Good. Half-page illustration on first page of 'The Emigrant's Farewell'. Small vignette on p.3 of 'Sancho Panza flogging himself, or the Landlords laying peculiar burthens on themselves!' Includes articles entitled 'Onward Still!', 'The Sugar Monopoly' and 'The Working Man his Own Capitalist'. Ends with 'A HINT. - Every newspaper containing debates on the corn laws, should be sent through the post from one hand to another while it will hold together.'

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