[Printed item, inscribed by the author.] Tewin-Water, or the Story of Lady Cathcart; being a supplement to the "History of Enfield," With an Appendix of Additional Notes, by Edward Ford.

Edward Ford [J. H. Meyers, printer of Enfield, Middlesex; Augusta Maclagan]
Publication details: 
'Printed for the benefit of the Girls' School of Industry and not published.' Enfield: Printed by J. H. Meyers. 1876.

77pp., 8vo. Tastefully printed. In red cloth binding with title in gilt on cover. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. Inscription at head of title-page: 'Augusta Maclagan | from the Author | Enfield | Nov. 18. 1882.' Uncommon.

[James Whatman Bosanquet, banker and biblical scholar.] Autograph Letter Signed to Achille Vogue, informing him that he is sending 'a copy of a Chronological Chart just published'.

James Whatman Bosanquet (1804-1877), banker and biblical scholar [Achille Vogue, French autograph collector]
Publication details: 
Claysmore, Enfield. 1 May 1867.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Reads: 'As you express in your letter of the 26th that you take some interest in my publications, I have the pleasure of forwarding a copy of a Chronological Chart just published'.

Five Autograph Letters Signed (one 'Alex Comfort' and four 'Alex C') from the poet and sexologist Alex Comfort to John Rogers, regarding poetry, including a discussion of whether poetry is 'finding a language in England, rather than losing one!'

Alex Comfort [Alexander Comfort] (1920-2000), poet, novelist, doctor and sexologist
Publication details: 
Three from Havengrove, Tudor Road, Barnet; one on letterhead of Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield, and another on letterhead of the Royal Waterloo Hospital, London. All undated [c.1942]

Item One: From Havengrove. On reverse of printed 12mo prospectus for the first issue of 'Poetry Folios' magazine (which appeared in 1942), edited by Comfort and Peter Wells. 1p., 12mo. Fair, on aged and creased paper. He thanks him for his letter. 'It is appreciation of this kind that makes one want to go on writing. [...] I wish I could meet you.' Item Two: From Havengrove, on letterhead of 'Poetry Folios'. Undated. 2pp., 12mo. Fair, on lightly-creased and aged paper.

A collection of around 150 items relating to the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa, and African revolutionary politics, including booklets, periodicals, newspapers, handbills and circulars, from the papers of South African activist Basil Stein.

Collection of papers relating to South Africa, apartheid and African revolutionary politics [Basil Stein (1928-2012), South African mathematician, human rights activist and anti-apartheid campaigner]
Publication details: 
Most of the items published in either South Africa or London, England. The majority dating from the 1960s, with a few from the 1950s and 1970s.

Upwards of 150 items, in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. In two parts, with Part One (around 100 items) relating directly to the anti-apartheid struggle, and Part Two (around 50 items) to broader African revolutionary politics. Part One includes 16 booklets from the 1950s and 1960s: 'Nelson Mandela versus the State'; 'The Unholy Alliance. Salazar, Verwoerd, Welensky'; S. Abdul, 'The Truth about South Africa'; 'Sing Free South Africa'; 'What can I do? A Guide to Action Against Apartheid'; I. B. Tabata, 'Education for Barbarism'; Leslie Rubin, 'This is Apartheid'; H. E.

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