[John Lawrence Toole, comic actor and theatre manager.] Autograph Letter Signed to David Cunningham, referring to the ‘terrible blow’ of the death of his wife and daughter, and enclosing a photographic postcard of Toole in the character of ‘The Don’.

John Lawrence Toole (1830-1906), English comic actor, a consummate farceur, championed by Charles Dickens, and proprietor of Toole’s Theatre in London’s Charing Cross
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1 March 1889; 44 Maida Vale, London W. The card is undated: ‘“Ink Photo.” Sprague & Co. London.’

Toole’s entry in the Oxford DNB describes how ‘Toole was desolate, and his health broke’, after the Tooles’ twenty-two year-old daughter Florence died from typhoid fever on in November 1888, contracted a week before when visiting her parents who were performing at Cork. Her mother, Toole’s wife Susan, died three and a half months later, in February 1889. Both letter and card are in good condition. They are enclosed in a grubby envelop, with stamp and postmarks, addressed to ‘David Cunningham Esq / Belmont / Antrim / Ireland’. Letter and envelope have thick mourning border. ONE: ALS.

Printed 'Property Plot' for a production of Ralph Lumley's 'Throrough-Bred' by 'Mr. J. L. Toole's Company', with stage manager's 'Call' sheet for 'Thoroughbred' by 'Mr. Edward A. Coventry & Mr. John R. Collins' Company'.

Publication details: 
Neither item with date or place. [First item: London: Toole's Theatre, 1893.]

The production to which the first item relates was Toole's last before being forced by gout to retire from the London stage. Both items in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper; the first with short closed tear at head. Both printed on one side only. Item One: 33 x 21 cm. Headed 'Mr. J. L. Toole's Company. | THOROUGH-BRED. | PROPERTY PLOT.' Listing, under 'Stage' and 'Hand', all the props needed for the three acts, the last (and shortest) entry reading '[ACT III.] HAND. | Field glasses, cases. Race cards for all. Letter (WILHELMINA). Set of bones (TOSH). Coins (all). 2 tambourines.

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