[ 'The Chevalier Sir Frederick Bowman, K.C.E.' ] 'Shakespeare Souvenir' pin badge, depicting Bowman as the Bard of Avon, attached to a Typed Letter Signed ('Frederick H.-U. Bowman') to Barry Duncan, regarding the actress Edith Loraine and her career.

Frederick Bowman [ Frederick H. U. Bowman; The Chevalier Sir Frederick Bowman K.C.E. ] (1893-1969), Liverpool music hall actor, eccentric and author [ William Shakespeare; Count Potocki de Montalk ]
Publication details: 
Letter on letterhead of 'The Chevalier Sir Frederick Bowman K.C.E.', Humanimal House, Sandown Lane, Liverpool, with date stamp 1 June 1964. Pin badge undated, but contemporaneous.

Letter: 1p., 8vo. In fair condition, lightly creased and aged. With a few autograph emendations. In a characteristically eccentric letter he writes that their common friend Jimmy Linton has told Bowman that Duncan 'may be able to give me some particulars and perhaps a photo of Edith LORAINE who played Godiva in F. B. Woulfe's Company, presenting the famous historical play by Max Goldberg, (John F. Preston.) He refers to Mabelle F. Barlow, Lady Astor and his own play 'Divorce or Dishonour'. As a boy he was greatly impressed by Loraine's performance, and it 'started my interest in Coventry.

7-inch extended play 45 rpm vinyl record entitled 'Tobacco Chant - Part 1 | The Song of the Auctioneer' ['Tobacco Chant - Part 2' on the b-side].

Bob Cage [Produced by G. J. Ashton; Recorded by C. U. Krieger; Tobacco Auctions Ltd, Southern Rhodesia; Halifax, Virginia]
Publication details: 
Tobacco Auctions Limited, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.

Undated. Dusty, but veryy good, on black vinyl with yellow label and triangular insert. In lightly worn, creased and grubby original sleeve printed in green and yellow, carrying a lengthy note by G. J. Ashton, beginning 'On this record you can hear parts of an actual sale of tobacco held on the floor of Tobacco Auctions Ltd., Salisbury, introduced by BOB CAGE. Mr. Cage, a native of Halifax, Virginia, has been auctioneering tobacco for over fifteen years in the United States and Rhodesia.

A Descriptive Portrait of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, sketched by the Pen of Publius Lentulus, a Roman Governor, in a Letter to the Senate of Rome; and rendered into verse by Thomas Tew Morrell.

Thomas Tew Morrell [Benjamin West; E. U. Eddis; nineteenth-century Camberwell; Victorian Peckham]
Publication details: 
August, 1844. Published for the Author, in London, by Messrs. Edwards and Hughes [...]; A. R. Vogel, Printer, Camberwell.

Excessively scarce (no copy on COPAC). On one side of a piece of unwatermarked wove paper, 41.5 x 25.5 cm. Text clear and entire, on aged and worn paper, with a couple of closed tears and one small hole (1.5 x 0.5 cm) to the border. Priced at three pence. Addressed on reverse (with postage stamp removed but with two postmarks) to 'Mr Dash, Bookseller, Kettering'. Attractively produced, varying between one and two columns, using a variety of point sizes, within a decorative border.

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