[ Thomas Longdon Greenwood, lessee of Sadler's Wells Theatre? ] Manuscript of the opening of a Victorian pantomime, lacking title (featuring 'Hans' and 'Gretchen'), with note stating that it is 'in Greenwoods Hand Writing of Sadlers Wells'.

[ Thomas Longdon Greenwood (1806-1879), lessee of Sadler's Wells Theatre, London? ]
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Without place or date, but with 'Adelphi' (i.e. the Adelphi Theatre, London) written inside the front cover.
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16pp. (of which 12pp. in 8vo and 4pp. in 4to). In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Neatly written out, with underlinings in red ink. Loosely inserted in the marbled wraps of an exercise book, with 'Adelphi' in pencil on the inside of the front cover. The first scene is written out complete on ten leaves from the exercise book (now loose), with the main text on ten pages, and additions on two versos. In addition to this is a grey paper bifolium, carrying over 4pp., 4to, additional matter to be inserted at the beginning of the second scene. In pencil on two of the pages are actors' names, perhaps giving a clue of context: 'Mr Cole' and 'Mr Hill'.. The pantomime may bear some relation to the Grimm fairy tale 'Hansel and Gretel'. The first scene opens with the directions: 'Exterior of the Golden Pipkinn by Sunset. Door Practicable. | Music. Enter Jacob followed by Peter earnestly conversing.' The directions at the beginning of the second scene are: 'Enter Gretchen with Cloak & Lanthorn'. The language is spirited, the first scene beginning: 'Jacob | As clean as a smelt, as smooth as a scalded pig. | Peter | What, not one left? | Jacob | No, nor a ghost of one either.' The second scene ends: 'Gretchen exit in huff, after slapping face. | O, if I had that pig whip here. | Then Hans goes to original commencement of Scene.'