[ Alfred Benjamin Wyon, medallist. ] Pencil drawing of crown, captioned in ink 'Scottish Crown.'

Alfred Benjamin Wyon (1837-1884), sculptor and medallist, with shop at 287 Regent St, London
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With stamp of 'WYON | REGENT ST' [ Alfred Benjamin Wyon, 287 Regent St, London ].Undated.
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On one side of a 12 x 13 cm piece of paper. On aged paper with four folds. The crown is drawn in pencil, and is 2.5 x 2.75 cm. The caption, in ink, is below, and reads: 'Scottish crown. | Drawing to be returned.' Between the two lines of text is the firm's stamp, made up of perforated lettering. Presumably a design for a letterhead, or other engraving.