[ Paul Robeson, African-American singer and actor. ] Autograph Signature, with that of his accompanist Lawrence Brown, on a photographic reproduction of a drawing of Robeson.

Paul Robeson [ Paul Leroy Robeson ] (1898-1976), African-American singer and actor associated with the Civil Rights Movement; Lawrence Benjamin Brown (1893-1972), African-American pianist and arranger
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[ On Robeson's concert tour of the British Isles with Lawrence, 1934. ]
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The two signatures are on a reproduction of a drawing of Robeson, on a 15 x 11 cm piece of shiny art paper, cut from a programme from Robeson's 1934 tour of Britain. In good condition, lightly-aged. The head and shoulders portrait shows a moody Robeson in collar and tie. The two signature are at the foot of the image, with Robeson's, in blue ink, slanting downwards, and Brown's, in green ink, slanting upwards, around the line of Robeson's lapels. Printed on the reverse are eight dates from the 'PAUL ROBESON TOUR' ('WITH LAWRENCE BROWN AT THE PIANO'), from the De Montfort Hall in Leicester on 16 January to the New City Hall in Perth on 2 February. The director and 'Sole Representative' is named as Harold Holt.