[ Louis Napoleon Parker, dramatist and composer. ] Five Autograph Letters Signed (all 'Louis N. Parker') to 'Mrs. Whitley' of the Pall Mall Gazette, regarding her interviews of him, one jokingly giving the opinion of 'Percy- the cat'.

Louis N. Parker [ Louis Napoleon Parker ] (1852-1944), English dramatist and composer
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Four on letterhead of 75 Gunterstone Road, West Kensington, W. [ London ], and the fifth from the same address. Between 15 June 1898 and 4 October 1899.
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A total of 6pp. (5pp. in 12mo and 1p. in 4to). The five items in fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. In the first letter, 15 June 1898, he says he is posting 'the MS. (untouched: it is excellent) to Sir Douglas' (i.e. Whitley's editor, Sir Douglas Straight). The following day he informs her that 'the interview reads charmingly', and that 'everybody in the theatre is delighted with it', adding that he has 'just posted it to the Poet'. In the third letter, written five months later (4 November 1898), he confirms the arrangements for another interview, adding that he has 'many pleasant memories of the gentle way you let me off last time'. Five days after that (9 November 1898), following the publication of the interview, he indulges in a flight of fancy: 'Percy - the cat - sends his kind love. He is naughtier than ever, now we have appeared in the P.M.G. | He says he thinks it was an admirable interview and admirably done. He has not done laughing yet. In his opinion for one reader who wades through the usual gas about how the Staff are working 25 hours in the day, how Mr. Spiffkins has at last got the chance of his life, and how Miss Uppers is going to paralyse all London, you have fifty readers for your last effort. | Wherein I agree.' In the last letter, written a year later (4 October 1899) he writes tongue in cheek: 'I will speak, but I fear it's no use. You ought to have interviewed me. [last world underlined] I'd have shewn you all my clothes, and I want to tell you about a wonderful new doctor I've discovered abroad.' In a postscript he suggests that she might do her 'dress article all night by coming to the performance'.