[ Edmond-Frédéric Le Blant, archaeologist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Edmond Le Blant'), in French, to an unnamed recipient, discussing the practice of cremation, and listing periodicals to which he contributes.

Edmond Le Blant [ Edmond-Frédéric Le Blant ] (1818-1897), French archaeologist and historian
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'Paris, rue Leroux, no 7'. 14 May 1874.
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3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged paper with some wear at bottom edge. Addressed 'Monsieur'. After a reference to a newspaper article by the recipient and 'les journalistes Français', he communicates, on the subject of cremation, 'un fait que j'ai appris hier du rédacteur en chef d'un grand journal Suisse et qui n'a pas été rendu public par les gazettes', concerning an attack on those attempting a cremation in Berne. In the middle of the letter he returns 'aux vivant' to list seven periodicals in which his articles are published, and recommends a bookseller for his 'petites brochures'. He returns to the subject of cremation in the last paragraph, and there is a short postscript thanking the recipient for his approbation on a specific point.