[ William Gilpin, art critic and educationalist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. Gilpin') to his son William Gilpin the younger, Headmaster of Cheam School, with reference to Thomas Gisborne and William Farish.

William Gilpin (1724-1804), writer on art and headmaster of Cheam School, Surrey [ Thomas Gisborne (1758-1846), religious writer; William Farish (1759-1837), chemist ]
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No place. 22 May 1795.
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2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly-aged, with slight damage on removal from album. Addressed to 'Revd. Mr. Gilpin | Cheam'. (In 1777, on becoming vicar of Boldre in the New Forest, Gilpin handed over the headmastership of Cheam School to his second son William Gilpin the younger (1757-1848).) Written with a freshness reflecting 'the particular interest' Gilpin paid to 'the theory and practice of epistolary writing', noted by Alain Kerhervé in his edition of Gilpin's letters to his grandson ('William writes to William', 2014). He begins by explaining that he has been informed by 'Will Farish' (the Farishes and Gilpins were related by marriage) that the account he gave of 'ye Portuguese missionaries' was mistaken, and that they were in fact 'Mahomedan missionaries': 'I mentioned it to Mrs. Gisborne, frm. whom I had ye acount; & send Will. Farish an extract frm. her letter; & I send it open, that you may read it. [not present]' The letter continues: 'I mentioned to Mr. Gisborne, yt. I thought he shd. have said something more, in his Inquiry [ Gisborne's 'Enquiry into the Duties of Men' was published in 1795], abt. Schools, than he has done. Two or 3 letters passed on ye subject between us. I told him of ye little thing you had written on your school. He has a very great desire to see it. If I could only prevail with you to shew it to me, I could give you my opinion abt. shewing it to him.'