[ St. George Jackson Mivart, eventually anti-Darwinian biologist. ] Autograph Note Signed about a ticket.

St. George Jackson Mivart (1827-1900), biologist who promoted Darwin's theories, then repudiated them
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No place. 29 June [ no year ].
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1p., 12mo. On aged and norn paper. Written in a difficult hand. Appears to read: 'Dear Mr Woodrow | I send you the enclosed (my ticket) till the end of July. Please let me <?> it at 71 Seymour St on the evening of July 31st.' A Catholic convert, Mivart was increasingly disenchanted with his friend Thomas Henry Huxley's anti-papist stance, and repudiated his initial support for the theory of evolution. This did not, however, endear him the the Roman Catholic authorities.