[ The Bath Herald and the Floods of 1894. ] Printed pamphlet: 'A Record of the Great Floods in Bath and the surrounding District, November 13 & 15, 1894. [ With four photographs by A. F. Perren. ]

[ The Bath Herald; the Great Floods in Bath, 1894 ] [ Augustus Frederick Perren (d.1923), photographer ]
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Reprinted from The Bath Herald. Prinhted at The Herald Office, North Gate, Bath. [ 1894. ]
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16pp., 4to. Unstitched and unbound. In fair condition, lightly aged, worn and spotted.. Priced at a penny. In small print and double column. Consisting, after a short introduction, of an area-by-area report of the effects of the flood, beginning with 'Midnight in the Dolemeads. | Distressing Scenes.', 'Corn Street, Milk Street and Avon Street' and 'Southgate Street', and ending with 'Batheaston', 'Radstock' and 'Midsomer Norton'. Perren's photographs show 'Dolemeads and Association Cricket Fields', 'The Old Bridge', 'Southgate Street' and 'The Quay from the Old Bridge'. Introduction begins: 'We have had, unfornately, to record the most serious and calamitous visitation to which Bath has been subjected during the present century, owing to the overflowing of the River Avon to an unprecedented extent. The visitation was, indeed, a double one - there were two distinct floods in three days; the first would have been sufficient to have caused an amount of privation and distress about equal to that experienced in the memorable flood of 1882, but the second coming so close upon it, and carrying the river so much above the highest known level produced a state of things which is lamentable in the extreme. This reprint of the full and detailed descriptions of the scenes witnessed which appeared in the daily editions of The Herald, form [sic] a narrative such as cannot be perused without exciting sympathy towards the unfortunate victims of the flood, and we trust a liberal response to the appeal which is being generally made.' Scarce: the four copies on OCLC WorldCat are all in West Country libraries.