[ The Bath Herald and the Floods of 1894. ] Printed pamphlet: 'A Record of the Great Floods in Bath and the surrounding District, November 13 & 15, 1894. [ With four photographs by A. F. Perren. ]

[ The Bath Herald; the Great Floods in Bath, 1894 ] [ Augustus Frederick Perren (d.1923), photographer ]
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Reprinted from The Bath Herald. Prinhted at The Herald Office, North Gate, Bath. [ 1894. ]

16pp., 4to. Unstitched and unbound. In fair condition, lightly aged, worn and spotted.. Priced at a penny. In small print and double column. Consisting, after a short introduction, of an area-by-area report of the effects of the flood, beginning with 'Midnight in the Dolemeads. | Distressing Scenes.', 'Corn Street, Milk Street and Avon Street' and 'Southgate Street', and ending with 'Batheaston', 'Radstock' and 'Midsomer Norton'. Perren's photographs show 'Dolemeads and Association Cricket Fields', 'The Old Bridge', 'Southgate Street' and 'The Quay from the Old Bridge'.

Autograph Letter Signed to "Dr [John?] Bowring". 5 Millman Street, London.

Thomas Dick Lauder.
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Relugas, 15 June 1830.

Author (see DNB). Six pages, 4to, with hole and chip causing small loss of text, some staining, pahes attached at margin, obscuring a word or two, text clear. Profuse thanks for his "kind letter from the canal" and a later note and present. He enjoyed his short visit, regretting the loss of a day when he attended "the wrangling of a dull county meeting". More on his enjoyment of his company, and hope that he'll fulfil his promise to visit again. He goes on: "A change . . .

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