[ The Bath Herald and the Floods of 1894. ] Printed pamphlet: 'A Record of the Great Floods in Bath and the surrounding District, November 13 & 15, 1894. [ With four photographs by A. F. Perren. ]

[ The Bath Herald; the Great Floods in Bath, 1894 ] [ Augustus Frederick Perren (d.1923), photographer ]
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Reprinted from The Bath Herald. Prinhted at The Herald Office, North Gate, Bath. [ 1894. ]

16pp., 4to. Unstitched and unbound. In fair condition, lightly aged, worn and spotted.. Priced at a penny. In small print and double column. Consisting, after a short introduction, of an area-by-area report of the effects of the flood, beginning with 'Midnight in the Dolemeads. | Distressing Scenes.', 'Corn Street, Milk Street and Avon Street' and 'Southgate Street', and ending with 'Batheaston', 'Radstock' and 'Midsomer Norton'. Perren's photographs show 'Dolemeads and Association Cricket Fields', 'The Old Bridge', 'Southgate Street' and 'The Quay from the Old Bridge'.

[ The Argentine Great Western Railway (Ferrocarril Gran Oeste Argentino). ] Eighteen printed items relating to the restructuring of the company. Including 'Plan of Reconstruction' ('Strictly Private'), 'Scheme of Arrangement', circulars, accounts.

The Argentine Great Western Railway [ Ferrocarril Gran Oeste Argentino ], British-owned Argentinian railway company, founded in 1887 [ Walter Heald, Secretary; J. S. Morgan & Co., merchant bankers ]
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The Argentine Great Western Railway, 4 Finsbury Circus, London E.C. 1893 and 1894.

The company, founded in 1887, operated a broad gauge railway network in the Argentine provinces of San Luis, San Juan and Mendoza, and was taken over on a lease by the Buenos Aires and Pacific Railway in 1907. It features in three studies: Colin M. Lewis, 'British Railways in Argentina 1857-1914: A Case Study of Foreign Investment' (1983); H. R. Stones, 'British Railways in Argentina 1860-1948' (1993); and Winthrop R. Wright, 'British-Owned Railways in Argentina – Their Effect on Economic Nationalism, 1854-1948' (1974).

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