[ David Garrick and William Shakespeare. ] Engraving of the autograph manuscript, with facsimile signature, of 'Some additional shift to ye Comic part of ye Midsumer Night's Dream', 'Song for Epilogue' ('Most noble Duke to us be kind').

David Garrick (1717-1779), English actor, playwright and producer [ William Shakespeare ]
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Without date or place. [ Victorian? ]
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1p., 12mo. Lithograph engraved facsimile of Garrick's autograph manuscript on unwatermarked wove paper. In fair condition, lightly aged. The origin of the engraving is unclear. Headed: 'Some additional shift to ye Comic part of ye Midsummer Night's dream. | Song for Epilogue | By Quince, Bottom Snug, Flute Starvling, Snout.' The first nine lines of the poem follow, beginning: 'Most noble Duke to us be kind, | Be you and all your Courtiers blind, | […]'. The poem as published in Colman's edition of 1763 does not feature the penultimate line: 'That will not do at Court:'. The facsimile of Garrick's signature is at bottom right: 'D. Garrick.' Only copy traced is at Harvard.