Autograph Signatures on fragment of document.

William Behnes, Abraham Cooper, Sir William Charles Ross, Henry William Pickersgill, Sir William John Newton, William Etty
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The sculptor Behnes (died 1864) and six painters: Cooper (1787-1868), Ross (1794-1860), Pickersgill (1782-1875), Newton (1785-1869), Etty (1787-1849). Paper dimensions roughly five and a half inches by three. Good, though a touch grubby. Reads 'William Behnes | Ab Cooper. R.A. | W. C. Ross RA. | H W. Pickersgill | Wm. J. Newton | Wm.. Etty'. From a collection of material relating to the Artists' General Benevolent Fund, and docketed by the Fund's secretary, next to Cooper's name, 'not eligible | W J Roper'.