Sir Richard Dudley Harington: mathematical correspondence with T. A. A. Broadbent, G. A. Garreau, C. Dudley Langford, T. B. W. Spencer, A. S. Gosset Tanner and J. Travers.

T. A. A. Broadbent [ Thomas Arthur Alan Broadbent ]; G. A. Garreau [ Gabriel Armand Garreau ]; C. Dudley Langford; T. B. W. Spencer; Arthur Spencer Gosset-Tanner; J. Travers [ Sir Richard Harington ]
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London; The Royal Naval College, Greenwich; Girvan, Ayrshire; Wimbledon; Derby, Harrow. Between 1941 and 1947.

16 Autograph Letters Signed, 10 Autograph Cards Signed and one Typed Letter Signed. The letters total 32pp. The collection is in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. The correspondence deals exclusively with mathematical questions raised in the Mathematical Gazette, with the writers providing mathematical calculations and demonstrations. From six individuals, as follows. ONE: T.A.A. Broadbent [ Thomas Arthur Alan Broadbent ] (1903-1973) of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich: 4 ALsS and 3 ACsS. TWO: G.A. Garreau [ Gabriel Armand Garreau ]: 2 ALsS and one TLS. THREE: C.

Autograph Signature ('Jules de Polignac') on part of letter to 'mon cher Baron'.

Jules Auguste Armand Marie, Prince de Polignac (1780-1847), French Prime Minister under Charles X.
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17 September [no year].

On rectangle of paper roughly 9 x 17 cm. Cut from the head of a letter for an autograph hunter. Fair, on aged paper, with traces of previous mount on the reverse. Above the signature a florid five-line valediction in the best courtly style. Date and beginning of letter on reverse.

Signed Autograph Manuscript testimonial ('Philip Gibbs') on behalf of G. K. Chesterton's candidacy for the Rectorship of the University of Glasgow.

Sir Philip Gibbs [Sir Philip Armand Hamilton Gibbs] (1877-1962), writer and journalist [G. K. Chesterton; Glasgow University]
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Undated [1925].

8vo: 2 pp. Fifty lines. Text clear and complete, on two pieces of aged and spotted paper, with rust spots from paperclip. Untitled. Begins: 'I should like to see Chesterton as Lord Rector of a university which stands for Liberal thought. Some people, limited in imagination and hostile to unconventional character, would as soon give their votes to a modern Don Quixote who by some miracle has acquired the corporeal structure of his own Sancho Panza.

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