[Printed offprint, in French, from 'L'Annotateur'.] Discours du Roi aux Chambres, Prononcé le 22 décembre 1824.' [An address from the new French king, Charles X, to the two chambers of Parliament.]

Charles X (1757-1836), King of France and Navarre, 1824-1830 [Sir William Hamilton (1788-1877), British Consul at Boulogne-sur-Mer from 1826 to 1873]
Publication details: 
'Supplément à l'Annotateur du 23 décembre 1824.' [Imprimerie de P. HESSE, rue des Pipots, à Boulogne.]

16mo, 2pp. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, attached along one edge to a piece of paper bearing part of the address of the English Consul in Boulogne, William (later Sir William) Hamilton.

Autograph Signature ('Jules de Polignac') on part of letter to 'mon cher Baron'.

Jules Auguste Armand Marie, Prince de Polignac (1780-1847), French Prime Minister under Charles X.
Publication details: 
17 September [no year].

On rectangle of paper roughly 9 x 17 cm. Cut from the head of a letter for an autograph hunter. Fair, on aged paper, with traces of previous mount on the reverse. Above the signature a florid five-line valediction in the best courtly style. Date and beginning of letter on reverse.

Secretarial Letter Signed ('Le Vte. de La Rochefoucauld'), as 'Aide de Camp du Roi, chargé du Département des Beaux Arts', in French, to the editor in chief of the Parisian newspaper 'Le Pilote'.

Frédéric Gaëtan, marquis de La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt (1779-1863), French aristocrat and polititian [Charles X, Roi de France; 'Le Pilote']
Publication details: 
Paris le 21 Mai 1825', on letterhead of the Ministère de la Maison du Roi. Département des Beaux Arts.

Foolscap (roughly 31.5 x 20 cm): 2 pp. Bifolium with blank second leaf. Thirty-one lines of text. On lightly aged and creased paper, with some discoloration and chipping in a thin strip at head (roughly 1.5 cm deep), affecting the date and letterhead but not the text. Text clear and entire. Casting interesting light on early nineteenth-century news management by the authorities in the continental Europe. The letter concerns the coronation of Charles X.

Autograph Note Signed to 'Mr. Wilson' [the bookseller John Gideon Wilson of Bumpus?].

Edmond Xavier Kapp
Publication details: 
1 April 1930; on letterhead '2 Steele's Studios | Haverstock Hill N W. 3'.

English artist (1890-1978). His wife, Yvonne Kapp, published four novels under the pseudonym Yvonne Cloud. One page, octavo. Very good, though a little creased and with dogeared corners. Reads 'Dear Mr. Wilson, | It is good of you to have taken so much trouble - I am greatly obliged to you. The lists have gone off to Berlin to-day. | All my thanks - & good wishes for a restful holiday'. Signed 'Edmond X. Kapp'.

Four Autograph Letters Signed "de Guiche" to General Sir Robert Gardiner, sometime Equerry to Leopold, later King of the Belgians.

Duc de Guiche
Publication details: 
Edinburgh and Chillingham, 10 May - 18 Sept.1832.

De Guiche was a supporter of a union between France and England. Gardiner was also Governor and commander-in-chief at Gibraltar from 1848 to 1855 (DNB). Nineteen pages, 4to, fold marks, one letter with cut where the seal was, good condition. The Court of Charles X in Exile. (10 May) response to the contents of his letter by the "inmates of Holyrood [Charles X and his Court in exile]. . .

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