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[Sir Winston Churchill.] Photograph showing him leaving Downing Street at the end of his second and final term of office, making a victory sign while his staff stand in the doorway.

[Sir Winston Churchill (1965), British Prime Minister who led the country to victory in the Second World War]
Publication details: 
Keystone Press Agency Ltd., Fleet Street, London. Dated on reverse 6 April 1955.

Black and white print, 15 x 10cm. A dewy-eyed Churchill stands in the doorway of 10 Downing Street in long dark coat, clutching top hat, gloves and cane in his left hand, and makes a raised victory sign with his right, while a group of seven male and female staff members crowd in the doorway behind him. From the papers of Elizabeth Sayers (later Cooper), member of the Downing Street staff.

Three Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed Note Signed (two 'H. Campbell Bannerman' and two 'H.E.B.') from Liberal Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman to '[Sir F.] Evans', regarding the McKinley Tarriff and Joseph Chamberlain's 'big scheme'

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1836-1908), British Liberal Prime Minister, 1905-1908 [Sir Francis Henry Evans (1840-1907); McKinley Tarriff; Tarriff Act of 1890; Joseph Chamberlain]
Publication details: 
The three Autograph Letters Signed all on letterheads of Belmont Castle, Meigle [Scotland]; 8, 12 and 19 October 1903. Typed Note Signed on letterhead of 10 Downing Street, Whitehall, S.W. [London]; 16 December 1905.

The four items are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The three letters addressed to 'My dear Evans'. Letter One (8 October 1903): 1p., 12mo. He asks him - as his 'memory is faint' - to 'jot down the facts & dates' of 'the story of the genesis of the Mc.Kinley tariff - Cameron, in the Iron trade, leading off, and the inevitable extension'. Letter Two (12 October 1903): 2pp., 12mo.

Six original black and white photographs, all captioned on the reverse and dated April 1940, showing the RAF South Cerney Aerodrome, Gloucestershire and its Airspeed AS.10 Oxford training aircraft.

RAF South Cerney, Gloucestershire [Royal Air Force; Airspeed AS.10 Oxford training aircraft]
RAF South Cerney, Gloucestershire
Publication details: 
April 1940. RAF South Cerney, Gloucestershire.
RAF South Cerney, Gloucestershire

The six small black and white photographs are all in good condition in a Kodac 'snapshot' card wallet. The captions, in pencil on the reverse and all dated 'April 40', read: [ONE] 'Aerodrome at South Cerney' [an aerial shot]; [TWO] 'Officers' Mess No 3 F.T.S. S. Cerney' [exterior of building]; [THREE] 'Oxfords at No 3 FTS' [three grounded planes]; [FOUR] 'Interior of Oxford' [instrument panel]; [FIVE] 'Interior of Oxford' [back of seats and instrument panel]; [SIX] 'Oxford at No 3 FTS' [grounded].

Printed Advertisement Leaf containing list of books printed by him.

R. Helder, Bookseller and Printer, 10, Duke Street, West Smithfield, London.
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R. HELDER, Printer, 10, Duke Street, Smithfield.' [circa 1820]

Two pages, on a rough-edged leaf approximately seven inches by four. Good, though aged and a lightly stained. A highly interesting list of twenty-seven titles by a radical publisher. Several works relating to Robert Wedderburn and Thomas Davison. Also 'The Cast-Iron Parson', 'A Peep after Hell' and 'GREAT GORGY: giving a Humourous Description of his Journey to Westminster, on Giff, the Ch-lor's Grey Mare'. Ends 'The Trade Supplied with all the Popular Works of the Day. | Printing & Bookbinding | NEATLY AND EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED. | NEWSPAPERS SERVED IN TOWN AND COUNTRY.

Autograph Letter Signed to [Clement] Shorter.

Arthur Anthony Baumann
Publication details: 
16 October 1918; on letterhead '44, HYDE PARK SQUARE. W.2.'

English author (1856-1936). 2 pages, 8vo. In good condition. As Shorter has sent his letter to Baumann's home instead of to 'the office of the paper' it will be too late to insert it that week, 'as the paper was practically made up when I left this afternoon'. There are three letters dealing with Shorter's first letter in that week's issue. As Shorter may want to reply to them he is returning the letter, 'which otherwise will be published next week'. 'A letter should reach the office (10 King St. Covent Garden) not later than noon on Wednesday.' Signed 'Arthur A. Baumann'.

Note signed to Blundell Maple,

Sir Stafford Henry Northcote, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh
Publication details: 
July 1885, with letterhead 10 Downing Street, Whitehall.

Conservative politician (1818-87). 2 pp, 12mo. In the handwriting of an amanuensis. "I have promised Mrs Moncrieff, the writer of the enclosed letter, to mention the name of Silas to you. / If you could see your way to meeting her wishes, I should feel grateful to you on her behalf. I am not personally acquainted with Mr. Silas." Signed "Iddesleigh". Creasing from paperclip, and with four pieces of gummed paper adhering to the recto of the blank second leaf.

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