[Edmond Xavier Kapp, artist and caricaturist.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to Holbrook Jackson, complaining about payment for work for the magazine 'To-day', and 'contributor's copies'. With carbon copies of Jackson's forthright replies.

Edmond X. Kapp [Edmond Xavier Kapp] (1890-1978), British artist and caricaturist, of German-Jewish extraction [George Holbrook Jackson (1874-1948), author, journalists, publisher and bibliophile]
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Kapp's two letters: 20 and 25 January 1920; each on letterhead of The Studio, 32A Queen's Road, St. John's Wood, N.W.8 [London]. Holbrook Jackson's replies: 22 and 28 January 1920; neither with place.

A splendidly intemperate correspondent between contributor and publisher, almost worthy of one of Jackson's own bibliophile volumes. The four items are in fair condition, on aged and worn paper, one with paperclip stain, another with brass stud, and a third with staple holes; creasing to carbon copies. Kapp's handwriting is 'artistic', and his letterheads are unusually long 8vos. ONE: Kapp to Jackson, 20 January 1920. Signed 'E X Kapp'. 1p, 8vo. Begins: 'My dear Holbrook-Jackson, | Don't you feel you'd like to send me a copy or two of "To-Day" each time? I buy one or two as well, you know!

[ The Game of Minims, invented by Edmond X. Kapp. ] Galley proof or offprint in which Kapp gives the eight rules of the game, under an explanatory introduction and the title 'Rules for the Game of Minims reprinted from "The Weekly Westminster."'

Edmond X. Kapp [ Edmond Xavier Kapp (1890-1978), portrait painter and caricaturist, inventor of the Game of Minims [ The Weekly Westminster, London periodical; Faber & Gwyer, publishers ]
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Unattributed and undated. [ The Weekly Westminster, London? 1925 or 1926. ]

Galley proof or off print of a single column. In fair condition, heavily aged and on brittle high-acidity newspaper stock. Headed: 'Rules for the Game of | Minims | reprinted from | "The Weekly Westminster." | The announcement in The Weekly Westminster Competitions of a prize for a new parlour game, suggested to Mr. Kapp that there was a game to be made out of Minims, a little book published by Faber and Gwyer a few weeks earlier. Mr. Kapp entered the competition and carried off first prize.

Autograph Note Signed to 'Mr. Wilson' [the bookseller John Gideon Wilson of Bumpus?].

Edmond Xavier Kapp
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1 April 1930; on letterhead '2 Steele's Studios | Haverstock Hill N W. 3'.

English artist (1890-1978). His wife, Yvonne Kapp, published four novels under the pseudonym Yvonne Cloud. One page, octavo. Very good, though a little creased and with dogeared corners. Reads 'Dear Mr. Wilson, | It is good of you to have taken so much trouble - I am greatly obliged to you. The lists have gone off to Berlin to-day. | All my thanks - & good wishes for a restful holiday'. Signed 'Edmond X. Kapp'.

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