[ Thomas Griffiths Wainewright, poisoner, artist and art critic. ] 13 items from his biographer W. C. Hazlitt's papers, including two letters apiece from J. B. Wainewright and W. H. Whitear, one from A. G. Allen, two photographs of Linden House.

[ Thomas Griffiths Wainewright (1794-1847), poisoner, artist and art critic; William Carew Hazlitt (1834-1913); John Bannerman Wainewright (1871-1929); Walter Henry Whitear; A. G. Allen ]
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London and Oxford. Between 1891 and 1907.

Wainewright has the questionable distinction of being the first English murderer to employ strychnine; he was in addition an interesting author (contributing to the London Magazine in its heyday), a capable artist, a connoisseur, dandy, friend of Charles Lamb and patron of William Blake.

Three Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed Note Signed (two 'H. Campbell Bannerman' and two 'H.E.B.') from Liberal Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman to '[Sir F.] Evans', regarding the McKinley Tarriff and Joseph Chamberlain's 'big scheme'

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1836-1908), British Liberal Prime Minister, 1905-1908 [Sir Francis Henry Evans (1840-1907); McKinley Tarriff; Tarriff Act of 1890; Joseph Chamberlain]
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The three Autograph Letters Signed all on letterheads of Belmont Castle, Meigle [Scotland]; 8, 12 and 19 October 1903. Typed Note Signed on letterhead of 10 Downing Street, Whitehall, S.W. [London]; 16 December 1905.

The four items are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The three letters addressed to 'My dear Evans'. Letter One (8 October 1903): 1p., 12mo. He asks him - as his 'memory is faint' - to 'jot down the facts & dates' of 'the story of the genesis of the Mc.Kinley tariff - Cameron, in the Iron trade, leading off, and the inevitable extension'. Letter Two (12 October 1903): 2pp., 12mo.

List of the Partners of the Banking Company in Aberdeen, Instituted 1797. Alexander Bannerman, Esq. M.P. Governor.

The Aberdeen Banking Company (1767-1849) [Sir Alexander Bannerman (1788-1864)]
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Aberdeen, 30th March, 1838.' 'D. CHALMERS AND CO. PRINTERS, ABERDEEN.'

Finely printed on one side of a piece of good wove paper, 52.5 x 41.5 cm. Very good. Around two hundred names arranged in two columns, beginning with 'Dr. John Abercrombie, First Physician to the Queen for Scotland, in Edinburgh', and ending with 'John Young, Merchant in Aberdeen - His Representatives'. Directors and Extraordinary Directors are distinguished by marks prefixed to their names. According to one authority the Bank's demise was occasioned by the 'Large advances [which] were being made to firms in which the directors of the bank also had an interest.

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