Offprint: 'Bishop Lightfoot and the Early Roman See.'

Dom Cuthbert Butler, O.S.B. [ Joseph Barber Lightfoot, Bishop of Durham ]
Publication details: 
'Reprinted from The Dublin Review, July and October 1893.' [ Ballantyne Press: London and Edinburgh' ]

42pp., 8vo. Paginated 1-42. Disbound. In fair condition, lightly aged. Scarce: no copy on COPAC.

[ County Fire Office and Provident Life Office, London, ] Four printed items (proposals, notice) and four manuscript items, including three Autograph Letters Signed from Managing Director J. T. Barber Beaumont to Sir John Edward Harington.

County Fire Office and Provident Life Office, London [ John Thomas Barber Beaumont (1774-1841), artist and philanthropist; Sir John Edward Harington (1760-1831), 8th Baronet, of Ridlington ]
Publication details: 
County Fire Office and Provident Life Office, London, Between 1817 and 1828.

Eight items. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Beaumont's entry in the Oxford DNB explains the background: 'In 1806 Barber successfully launched the Provident Life Office, and in the following year the County Fire Office. With the support of landed gentry and West End bankers, the County grew within twenty years to become the fifth largest fire insurer in Britain.

Printed 'Prospectus of the Equitable Annuity Association, Instituted in 1816.'

Equitable Annuity Association, London [ J. T. Barber Beaumont, Managing Director ]
Equitable Insurance
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[ Equitable Annuity Association, London. ] London: Printed by C. Roworth, Bell-yard, Temple-bar. [ Circa 1825? ]
Equitable Insurance

3pp., 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged paper. Well-written, in small type. The aim is to raise a quarter of a million pounds, to render 'annuity purchases' as a 'species of investment [...] as safe and as convertible to the members of the Association as any other'.

[ Edmund Brown Viney Christian, writer on the law. ] Long unpublished account, in manuscript and typescript, of a miscarriage of justice: the case of William Henry Barber, convicted of forgery and transported to Australia in 1844.

Edmund Brown Viney Christian (1864-1938), solicitor, and writer on the law and on cricket [ William Henry Barber, English solicitor transported to Australia in 1844 ]
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Without place [ Deal, Kent? ] or date [ post 1921. ]

62pp., 4to (comprising 45pp. in manuscript, and 17pp. in typescript). In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Numerous emendations and corrections throughout. Draft notes towards the piece cover 21pp., on loose leaves, with the completed text (both in manuscript and typescript) on leaves held together with a brass stud. Written in the pleasing style highlighted in Christian's obituary in The Times, 28 October 1938: 'not only admirable history, but also, owing to the many humorous flashes which illuminate them, excellent light reading'.

[ Joseph Barber Lightfoot, Bishop of Durham. ] Autograph Signature ('J B Lightfoot') on part of letter.

J. B. Lightfoot [ Joseph Barber Lightfoot ] (1828-1889), Bishop of Durham and Professor of Divinity at Cambridge
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'Trin: Coll. | Nov. 18th'. [ Cambridge, year not stated. ]

On 11 cm square piece of light-blue paper cut from the end of a letter. Good firm signature, preceded by five lines of text in a difficult hand, appearing to read: '

to every one but the Academic Deanery should have failed to a man of Academic & literary distinction | I am, dear Dr.

, | Very truly yrs | J B Lightfoot | Trin; Coll. | Nov. 18th'.

[Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech.] Correspondence of A. R. Hattersley of Sale, including letters to him from his MP Anthony Barber and Conservative leader Edward Heath's office, and copies of Hattersley's own letters (one to Powell).

[Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech, 1968; Edward Heath, leader of the Conservative Party; Anthony Barber; Quintin Hogg; immigration; racism; A. R. Hattersley of Sale, Cheshire]
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Two letters on letterheads of the House of Commons, London. Hattersley's address 100 Marsland Road, Sale, Cheshire. The seven items from April and May 1968.

The seven items are in good overall condition, on aged and lightly-worn paper. ONE: Mimeographed typed press release from Conservative Central Office: 'The Rt. Hon. Edward Heath, M.B.E., M.P. (Bexley) | Leader of the Opposition | Statement about the Rt. Hon. Enoch Powell, M.P.' 'Release time: 22.30 Hours/21st April, 1968'. 2pp., foolscap 8vo. Begins: 'I have tonight been in touch with Mr Enoch Powell and told him of my decision, taken with the greatest regret, that he should no longer be invited to attend the Shadow Cabinet.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Chauncey B. Tinker') from the Boswell scholar Chauncey Brewster Tinker, Professor of English Literature at Yale University, concerning the proposed presentation of a manuscript by Charles McCamie of West Virginia.

Chauncey Brewster Tinker (1876-1963), Professor of English Literature at Yale University, and authority on James Boswell and Doctor Samuel Johnson
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On letterhead of the Yale College Department of English. 8 October 1924.

2pp., 12mo. With stamped and postmarked envelope, addressed by Tinker to 'Chas. Mc.Carnie, Esqr., | Natl. Bank of W. V. Bldg, | Wheeling, W. V.' Tinker considers that 'The MSS.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Henry R Bishop') from Sir Henry Rowley Bishop, musical director at Vauxhall Gardens, to his employer there Frederick Gye the elder, regarding 'Mr Barton' and the planned opening 'in some style' of 'The Barber of Seville'.

Sir Henry Rowley Bishop (1786-1855), English composer, best-known for his song 'Home! Sweet Home!' [Frederick Gye the elder (1781-1869), proprietor of Vauxhall Gardens, London
Publication details: 
'TRDL' [i.e. the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane]. 5 December 1831.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with slight creasing to bottom outer corner of both leaves. Bishop begins by asking Gye to confirm 'the excuse which Mr Barton has given for his absence the whole of Friday Evening last: & which having being [sic] noticed to me officially, I am obliged to enquire particularly into: - He says that he was at the Old Bailey Trial in consequence of your invitation that day!

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