[ Victor Perrin, duc de Bellune, maréchal d'Empire. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Le Maréchal Victor'), addressed to 'Monseigneur', regarding the advancement of a member of the Duverger family in the service of the King of Westphalia.

Victor Perrin, duc de Bellune [ Claude-Victor Perrin, duc de Belluno ] (1764-1841), French maréchal d'Empire
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Berlin. 19 January 1808.

2pp., folio. In fair condition, on aged paper. He writes that two of his aides-de-camp belong to the 'famille distinguée' of Duverger, and asking for assistance in obtaining preferment for a third in the service of the King of Westphalia. The document is annotated by the recipient at the head of the first page.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Charle | Geographe rue de Sevres | No. 48.'), in French, to the French Minister of War, 'Monseigneur le Maréchal Duc de Bellune'.

J. B. L. Charle, French cartographer [Claude Victor-Perrin (1764-1841), Duc de Belluno (Bellune)]
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4 October 1823; Paris.

One page, on the recto of the second leaf of a bifolium, leaf dimensions 31 x 20 cm. In fair condition on lightly-aged paper with slight wear to extremities. According to his entry in the catalogue of the Bibliothèque Nationale, Charles was a 'Géographe attaché au Dépôt général de la guerre en 1933 [sic], ancien membre de la Société de Géographie. - Dessinateur, il eut une production cartographique très abondante à partir de 1823'. Neatly laid out.

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