[ Edward Byron Nicholson, Bodley's Librarian. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. B. Nicholson') to an unnamed party [ Alexander Ramsay ], regarding non-payment for a periodical [ 'The Scientific Roll' ]..

E. B. Nicholson [ Edward Williams Byron Nicholson ] (1849-1912), Bodley's Librarian, 1882-1912 [ Bodleian Library, University of Oxford ]
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On letterhead of the London Institution, Finsbury Circus, E.C. 18 August 1881.

1p., 16mo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Reads: 'Dear Sir, | I got your last no. all right. I meant one particular day to pay you, and at the end of the day forgot whether I had or had not written to do so - coming to the erroneous conclusion that I had.' Postscript: 'No. 4 received and paid for also'. From the Ramsay papers.

[ Printed item. ] Bodleian Library. Staff-Kalendar 1907. [ Together with ] Bodleian Library. Supplement to the Staff-Kalendar 1907.

[ Bodleian Library, Oxford; Bodley's Librarian; Horace Hart, Printer to the University ]
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Both items: Oxford: Horace Hart, Printer to the University. [ 1907. ]

16mo volume. In printed card covers with green cloth spine. The 'Staff-Kalendar' proper unpaginated (circa 200pp.). Title on cover. The supplement, 111pp., printed upside-down at the back of the volume, with its own cover bearing the title. Internally in good condition on aged paper; binding somewhat worn and aged. In small type. Gives a charming insight into the running of a historic institution. As an example, the entry for 1 July commences: 'Dusting begins. | Accession-register for June to be made up. | Fire-buckets to be refilled. | To be cleaned out: - | 1. Hot water channels in Bodley.

[ William Buckland, geologist and cleric. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. Buckland') to Philip Bliss, Registrar of the University of Oxford, regarding a letter intended for him via Bodley's Librarian Bulkeley Bandinel.

William Buckland (1784-1856), FRS, Dean of Westminster, and geologist [ Bulkeley Bandinel (1781-1861), Bodley's Librarian; Philip Bliss (1787-1857), Registrar of the University of Oxford ]
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No place [ Oxford ]. 2 May [ no year ].

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with one short closed tear along a fold. Mounted on piece of grey paper. On opening a letter, which he is forwarding, he finds that it was 'addressed at the Bottom to Dr Bliss & on the Cover directed to Dr Bandinel'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('F. Madan') to 'Mr. Hudson'.

Falconer Madan (1851-1935), Bodley's librarian [Bodleian Library; Brasenose College; Oxford]
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2 January 1919 [in fact 1920]; Brasenose College, Oxford.

Two pages, 12mo. Very good on lightly aged paper. Begins with three bibliographical points, including one about Wagner's edition of Bentley's 'Phalaris' ('that of course we have at the Bodleian. A very useful edition, with long bibliography'). 'Thanks about my brother William, and Osler. The former I did not see much of, of late years. Osler, [Sir William Osler, who died 29 December 1919 and was a Curator as you say, is a real loss to the Bodleian.'

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