[ The Gouzenko Affair, Canada, 1945; start of Cold War ] Typed contemporary document titled 'The Story of Igor Gouzenko', with covering note referring to 'Mr. Birdwood'.

The Gouzenko Affair, Canada, 1945, and The Kellock–Taschereau Commission, 1946 [ Christopher Bromhead Birdwood (1899-1962), 2nd Baron Birdwood? ]
Publication details: 
Without place or date. [ London? Circa 1947. ]

[2] + 17pp, 8vo. Lacking the conclusion (one page). On seventeen leaves of paper stapled together, with covering typed note on slip, reading 'PLEASE RETURN TO MR. BIRDWOOD'. The covering leaf carries two sets of initials, one in pencil and one in ink, both ticked through. This may suggest official distribution, but the tone of the document makes it more likely to have been a personal statement, presumably by Birdwood. Aged and worn, with rusting to staples.

An Article on the Debts of the States from the Christian Review for March, 1844.

[Boston; The Christian Review; <T Nayland? or Wayland?>; Sir E. F. Bromhead; nineteenth century economics; economic history]
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Boston: Printed by William S. Damrell, 11 Cornhill. 1844.

8vo: 24 pp. Unbound and stitched. With printed grey front wrap, inscribed to 'Sir E. F. Bromhead | Bassingham | Lincolnshire | from the author | '. On aged paper, grubby at extremities and a little dogeared, but tight and with text clear and entire. 'The general fact has been long before the public, that the several States in the Union are indebted to various individuals in Europe, to the amount of about two hundred millions of dollars. At the time when this debt was incurred, very few persons, either in or out of the indebted States, gave themselves any trouble about it.

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