Original illustration, produced for publication, signed 'A. Twidle' and entitled on reverse 'Monkish Robes', showing three monks in the grounds of an oriental (Burmese?) temple.

Arthur Twidle (1865-1936), English book illustrator [Burma; Burmese; oriental; the Far East]
Publication details: 

On a piece of thin card, 30.5 x 23 cm. Dimensions of illustration 23 x 17 cm. Signed by Twidle in bottom right-hand corner. The image itself is clear and sharp, in spotted and grubby margins. Docketed in pencil on reverse 'Monkish Robes | 491 | to 5 inches width | with rule as in picture'. An attractive, detailed watercolour, in black and grey, and picked out in white, showing three monks processing with eyes cast to the ground in different directions in the grounds of stone temple overgrown with foliage.

Autograph Letter Signed "Ch. Lemire" to Jules Gros, "Publiciste, Paris".

Charles Lemire, Administrateur colonial, Explorateurauthority on Indo-China [Vietnam; Cambodia; Laos]
Publication details: 
Trelage pres Angers, 21 Octobre 1883. In French.

Two pages, 8vo, good condition. He has sent Gros a brochure "sur l'Instruction publique en australie." Also, on the advice of his editor, Challamel, he has sent Gros his volumes on Indo-China, Caledonia and Australia further to a promise that he would cite them in his studies on "les mouvements geographiques.". He wants to be informed when they have arrived. He is also about to publish another book on Indo-China and one on Caledonia with maps and illustrations.

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