[ Cuthbert Kelly and the New English Singers. ] Autograph Signatures of the six members of the ensemble, including Dorothy Silk, Nellie Carson Mary Morris and Kelly himself.

Cuthbert Kelly, Director, The New English Singers; Dorothy Silk (1883-1942); Nellie Carson; Mary Morris
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Place not stated. 2 March 1934.

On one side of an 11.5 x 17.5 cm page removed from an album, dated 2 March 1934 and headed 'THE NEW ENGLISH SINGERS'. In good condition, lightly aged. To the right of the page are the signatures of 'Dorothy Silk' and 'Nellie Carson' (sopranos), and 'Martin ' and 'Mary Morris'; to the left are those of 'Vernon and 'Cuthbert Kelly' (bass). According to Chapter One of 'The Travel Diaries of Peter Pears, 1936-1978' (1999), titled 'American Tour with the New English Singers (1936)', the ensemble was 'a vocal sextet specializing in Elizabethan madrigals and English folksongs.?>?>

[ Sylvia Lynd, Irish Nationalist poet. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('S. L.'), presumably a copy of not sent, to the humorist E. C. Bentley ('Mr. Bentley')

Sylvia Lynd [ née Dryhurst ] (1888-1952), poet and Irish Nationalist, wife of journalist and essayist Robert Lynd (1879-1949) [ E. C. Bentley [ Edmund Clerihew Bentley ] (1875-1956), author ]
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14 Devonshire Hill, Hampstead. 19 June 1913.

4pp., 4to. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. A magnificently impassioned letter, written to a family friend, a colleague of her husband's on the Daily News. The letter begins in stirring style: 'I propose to sulk till Home Rule is passed. I have set my heart on that Bill. It isn't a particularly good Bill, but it is called "Home Rule" & I would put my right - no - at any rate my left hand into a fire to see that catch-cry cleared out of the world forever. It is the only thing that will cure the Unionists of their cowardice.

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