[ Sylvia Lynd, Irish Nationalist poet. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('S. L.'), presumably a copy of not sent, to the humorist E. C. Bentley ('Mr. Bentley')

Sylvia Lynd [ née Dryhurst ] (1888-1952), poet and Irish Nationalist, wife of journalist and essayist Robert Lynd (1879-1949) [ E. C. Bentley [ Edmund Clerihew Bentley ] (1875-1956), author ]
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14 Devonshire Hill, Hampstead. 19 June 1913.

4pp., 4to. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. A magnificently impassioned letter, written to a family friend, a colleague of her husband's on the Daily News. The letter begins in stirring style: 'I propose to sulk till Home Rule is passed. I have set my heart on that Bill. It isn't a particularly good Bill, but it is called "Home Rule" & I would put my right - no - at any rate my left hand into a fire to see that catch-cry cleared out of the world forever. It is the only thing that will cure the Unionists of their cowardice.

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