[Shirley Brooks, editor of Punch.] Autograph Letter Signed to Leitch Ritchie, regarding contributions to Chambers's Journal. With the first part ONLY of Brooks's 'Sooner or Later', and note from G. E. S. Chambers describing its 'extreme rarity'.

Charles William Shirley Brooks (1816-1874), journalist, editor of Punch, 1870-1874 [Leitch Richie (1800-1875), Scottish novelist; G. E. S. Chambers of the publishers W. & R. Chambers, Ltd, Edinburgh]
Publication details: 
Brooks's letter to Leitch Ritchie from Marlborough Chambers, Pall Mall, London. 7 August [1849]. 'Sonner or Later', No. 1: London, Bradbury, Evans, and Co., 11 Bouverie Street, EC. 1866. Notes by Chambers on letterhead of W. & R. Chambers, Edinburgh.

ONE: Brooks's letter to Leitch Ritchie: 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. He thanks him for his 'kind and courteous communication', and is pleased that 'the article I sent seems to you adapted to the purpose'. Brooks has, he explains, 'availed myself of your suggestions in reference to the additions'. He continues with references to Vauxhall and 'The Highland Lamp'.

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