[Lord Stanhope [Philip Henry Stanhope, 5th Earl Stanhope], historian and politician.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Mahon') to Richard Monckton Milnes, regarding writing about Walpole and Queen Caroline, supposedly by the Earl of Chesterfield.

Lord Stanhope [Philip Henry Stanhope, 5th Earl Stanhope] (1805-1875) [styled Viscount Mahon between 1816 and 1855], historian and politician [Richard Monckton Milnes, later Lord Houghton]
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'Grosvenor Place [London] | Friday morning.' No date, but on paper with watermarked year 1852.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, with stub from mount adhering to reverse of blank second leaf of bifolium. The subject is an item acquired by Milnes for his celebrated collection of manuscripts, which Milnes considered the present letter worthy of joining. The letter begins: 'My dear Milnes | Of the paper you have sent me, the first paragraph about Queen Caroline & the last about Sir Robert Walpole have already appeared, & you will find them in my Edition.

[Rita Spurr, poet.] Autograph Letter Signed to playwright Christopher Fry, with copy of her Guild Press poetry pamphlet 'Footprint in Snow', and New Year card with photographic print.

Rita Spurr, Manchester poet and social worker [John Hoffman, proprietor of the Poetry Guild, Holymoorside, Chesterfield, whose imprint was The Guild Press; Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]
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Letter: Flat 4, 7 Netherhall Gardens, Hampstead [London]; 31 December 1954. Pamphlet (in 'The Guild Poets' series): The Guild Press, Holymoorside, Chesterfield; August 1954. New Year card for 1954 / 1955.

Three items (letter, photographic card, and pamphlet), all in good condition. ONE: ALS. 31 December 1954. 1p, 8vo. Signed '(Mrs.) Rita Spurr.' and addressed to 'Dear Mr. Christopher Fry'. She begins by thanking him 'for the very great pleasure & stimulus' which she derived 'during the year that is passed' from his play 'The Dark is Light Enough'.

[ John Harraden of the Post Office. ] Autograph Letter Signed to the Earl of Chesterfield, complaining of the 'hardships' of his case, and requesting his intervention, with reference to William Hayley of Earlham, John Palmer, George White Thomas.

John Harraden of the Post Office [ Philip Stanhope, 5th Earl of Chesterfield (1755-1815), Postmaster General; William Hayley (1745-1820); George White Thomas (c.1750-1821); John Palmer (1742-1818) ]
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No. 26 Compton Street, Soho. 10 November 1808.

The recipient of the letter, the 5th Earl of Chesterfield, was Postmaster General between 1790 and 1798. The 'Mr. Palmer' mentioned in the text is John Palmer (1742-1818), MP for Bath, who was Comptroller General of the Post Office between 1786 and 1792. Harraden appears to have been regarded by his superiors as a whistle-blower and trouble-maker.

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