Five Typed Letters Signed and one Autograph Note Signed ('Gerald', 'Gérard', 'G. H.') from the arms dealer and fraudster Gerald Hamilton (model for Christopher Isherwood's 'Mr Norris') to Yvon Davis [pseudonym of Tom Driberg?] of Bradwell Lodge.

Gerald Hamilton (c.1888-1970), arms dealer, traitor and fraudster, the original of Christopher Isherwood's 'Mr. Norris' [Yvon Davis; Tom Driberg; Bradwell Lodge]
Publication details: 
The first two letters on letterheads of 91 Kinnerton Street, Belgrave Square, SW1; the fourth from London, and the others without place. The first letter dated 22 December 1939 and the last 21 January 1940; the note undated.

All in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The letters are dated 22, 24 and 25 December 1939 and 20 and 21 January 1940; the note is undated. The letters total 6pp., 4to, with an additional 1p., 4to, carrying a translation from Spanish; the note is on the back of a scrap of Asbach Uralt packaging. The first two letters are in English, the other letters and the note in French. One envelope is present, addressed to: 'M. Yvon Davis, Bradwell Lodge, Bradwell-on-Sea, nr.

Autograph Letter Signed ('T. H. Burlend') from the zoologist Thomas Harold Burlend to the occultist William Bernard Crow, discussing his paper on 'Periodicity in Classification'.

Thomas Harold Burlend, Lecturer in Histology and Embryology, University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire [William Bernard Crow (1895-1976), zoologist and occultist]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire, Cardiff, 16 March 1938.

1p., 12mo. 22 lines. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Burlend begins his letter: 'Many thanks for your paper on Periodicity in Classification: it is very interesting but in many respects beyond me. | I don't understand why the Polyzoa should be included in the group "True limbs present" as they have nothing suggesting limbs'. | Otherwise the classification for the Animal Kingdom seems more balanced than it is in most text-books.' The second part of the letter discusses specific examples: platypus, aves and mammals.

[Printed handbill poetical Christmas keepsake by Victor B. Neuburg, with wood engraving by 'O. W.']

Victor B. Neuburg [Victor Benjamin Neuburg (1883-1940), poet and author, proprietor of the Vine Press, Steyning, Sussex]
Publication details: 
The Vine Press, Steyning, Sussex. Christmas, 1921.

1p., 12mo. On piece of aged and lightly-creased laid paper. The engraving, at the head of the page, is 7 x 9.5 cm., is a stylised full-length depiction of a young man in eighteenth-century dress, wearing a cravat, with hands on hips, standing between two trees. The poem reads 'Dear He - / Or She - / This from me, / Victor B. / Neuburg, to thee.' Second stanza: 'Not me: we, / I forgot, you see.' In bottom left-hand corner, in italics, 'Christmas, 1921.' And in italics in bottom-right: 'The Vine Press, / Steyning, / Sussex.' No other copy found listed.

Autograph address and short note.

John Cowper Powys (1872-1963), Anglo-Welsh writer
Publication details: 
Date and place not stated.

On one side of a piece of wove paper, cut into a rectangle approximately 4.5 x 9 cm. Good, on lightly-creased paper with one vertical fold. Cut from an envelope, with traces of the postmark over the autograph, and a section of the gummed strip on the reverse. Reads 'From | John Cowper Powys | Waterloo | Blaenau - F Festiniog | Merionethshire | North Wales | I enjoyed thinking of you in Italy'.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr Disspain'.

John Cowper Powys (1872-1963), Anglo-Welsh writer [William Blake; Denis Saurat]
Publication details: 
8 November 1958. 1 Waterloo, Blaenau-FFestiniog, Merionethshire, North Wales.

8vo, 4 pp. Bifolium. Very good on lightly aged paper. Written in Powys's distinctive, sprawling hand. Concerns William Blake and the monograph on him (1954) by Denis Saurat, who 'must indeed be a wonder considering the scope of his interests.' 'Yes I was brought up by my mother on the Poems of Blake; so I am always interested by any reference to them or any reproduction of them. Indeed and indeed I can fully understand your being so hypnotized by the pictures of Blake that you find yourself going to see them when you had decided to go somewhere else'. Powys is 'in excellent health'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Gerald Kelly') to unnamed male autograph hunter.

Sir Gerald Kelly (1879-1972), portrait painter, Aleister Crowley's brother-in-law
Publication details: 
29 September 1935; on letterhead '65, Gloucester Place, Portman Square, W.1.'

One page, 12mo. On ruckled paper with damage on reverse due to removal from mount. Text clear and entire. The autograph wasn't sent because Kelly was away. 'Why you want it I can't understand but since you ask for it: - here it is: -'.

Engraving by 'J Brown', from drawing by Marshall, captioned 'BARCLAY'S DICTIONARY, WORD CONJURER.'

William Marshall Craig (fl.1788-1828), English artist [Barclay's Dictionary; T. Kinnersley]
Publication details: 
Published as the Act directs by T. Kinnersley, May 1st. 1813.'

Dimensions of paper roughly ten inches by seven and a half wide. Clear impression on aged paper. Shows a standing magician waving a wand with a skull behind him and a kneeling servant hiding behind the hem of his gown, reciting a spell from a book on a table in front of him. The two demons he has conjured up stand to his left, looking rather pleased with themselves. Snakes, smoking cauldron, pin cushion, hourglass, knife, etc. Extracted from Barclay's Dictionary, where it was used to illustrate the word 'conjurer'.

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