[ A Grand Regency Town House: Two Architectural Plans of 43 Berkeley Square. ] Two finished manuscript floor plans by Joseph Hobbs of the town house of Sir John Harington, 'In its present state' and 'with proposed Alterations'. With three receipts.

[ Sir John Edward Harington of Ridlington, 8th Baronet (1760-1831); Joseph Hobbs, planmaker; Berkeley Square, London ]
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Both plans by 'Joseph Hobbs | 30 Margaret Street' [ Cavendish Square, London ] Both dated 'June 1815'.

Each of the two plans is on a 46 x 60 cm piece of wove paper. Both have the name of the details of the planmaker at bottom right: 'Joseph Hobbs | 30 Margaret Street'. Two finished and professional floor plans of a grand Town House. Both items are aged, worn and creased, with closed tears, but would respond well to archival repair. ONE: 'Sir John Harington Bart | Plan of House Berkley [sic] Square | In its present state | June 1815'. In black and white, with grey shading. Five plans in a line: 'Basement', 'Parlor Floor', 'Drawing Room', 'Two Pair Floor' and 'Attic Floor'.

[ Ivor Pritchard, Welsh architect, engraver and book-collector. ] Collection of 54 visual items from his student years, mostly detailed and finished architectural illustrations, many signed, with tracings, photographs, book illustrations.

Ivor Pritchard [ Ivor Mervyn Pritchard ] (1886-1948), Welsh architect, engraver and book-collector,, whose atlases are now in the National Library of Wales
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[ Menai Lodge, Chiswick, London. ] Between 1907 and 1910.

Pritchard was Architect to the Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales. His collection of 71 volumes of atlases and early geographies was purchased by the National Library of Wales in 1940. After study at Bangor University, he was articled in 1903 to Joseph Owen of Menai Bridge. Moving to London, he studied at the Architectural Association and Royal Academy schools and trained as assistant to a succession of architects: Walter Frederick Cave (1863-1939), Louis Amber (1862-1946) and Messrs Henry Victor Ashley (1872-1948) and Francis Winton Newman (1878-1953), before qualifying in 1911.

[ Brewing industry in eighteenth-century Northumberland. ] Draughtsman's drawing, titled 'The Ground Plan of A Brewery Intended at Hexham Bridge End 1777', with front elevations of two maltings.

Donkin, Elstob & Co. of Hexham Bridge End, Northumberland, brewers
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[ Donkin, Elstob & Co., Hexham Bridge End, Northumberland. ] Circa 1777

On one side of a 15 x 39 cm piece of Whatman paper. A fragile survival: aged, worn and stained. Drawn to a scale of two inches to 30 feet. Central ground plan ('The Court 73 feet') showing, with size, 'Malting', 'Ale Tonhouse', 'Bear [sic] Tonhouse', 'Brewhouse', 'Milhouse', 'Hop Room' and 'Office', 'Spirit Cellar', 'Tender Trade'. The ground plan is flanked by two elevations. The first is captioned 'The Front of Malting &c to South 71 Feet', and the second, 'The Front of the Malting in the Court Side &c 47 feet'.

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