[Charles Fechter, Anglo-French actor and playwright.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to 'Mr. Osborne', the first regarding his itinerary and the choosing of a plot suited to Osborne's style; the second regarding his busy life and examining a play.

Charles Fechter [Charles Albert Fechter] (1822-1879), French actor and playwright who found enormous success in Britain and America
Publication details: 
Letter One: on letterhead of 30 Park Road, Regent's Park, N.W. [London] 17 August 1869. Letter Two: no place, on monogram letterhead (with motto 'Faiblesse vaut vice'). 19 April 1872.

Both items are 2pp, 12mo, and bifoliums. Both in good condition, lightly aged, and each folded once. The second has rust marks to margin from a paperclip. Given the sunbject-matter, the recipient may be a relation of the actress Mrs William Barry (1739-1771), whose maiden name was Osborne. ONE: 17 August 1769; on Park Road letterhead. Signed 'Ch. Fechter.' He begins by announcing: 'I have, by no means, altered my mind; but have been – and am still – strolling about the country'.

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