[ Patrick Leigh Fermor ]Manuscript letter, in Greek, from 'Haris' in Heraklion, informing Fermor of allegations that he ordered the execution of 'Apolorona and Hania' and others, and that he is organizing the military occupation of Crete by the British.

[Patrick Leigh Fermor (1915-2011), British soldier and travel writer; 'Haris' of Heraklion, Cretan opponent of Communism; Cretan resistance; SOE; Major 'Xan' Fielding (1918-1991)]
Publication details: 
Heraklion [Crete, Greece]. 12 January 1947.

4pp., 8vo. 96 lines of text. On paper ruled for accounts. On lightly-aged paper, with loss to corners and at central edge, affecting a few lines of text. Accompanying the letter is a translation (2pp., 8vo) by Colin Jordan, with the assistance of Dr Loukas Christodloulos. The letter is of great interest, casting light on Leigh Fermor's activities in Crete in the period following the Second World War.

Two Autograph Letters Signed ('Maurice') from writer and British Council official Maurice Cardiff to Felicity Rhodes, the first letter accompanied by a typed poem by Cardiff, and the second by an Autograph Poem by him titled 'A Winter Casualty'.

Maurice Cardiff [Maurice Henry Cardiff] (1915-2006), writer and British Council officer, friend of Patrick Leigh Fermor, Peggy Guggenheim, Edward James and Lawrence Durrell [Constantine P. Cavafy]
Publication details: 
The two letters both on letterheads of Stones Farm, Little Haseley, Oxford, and dated 29 May 1995 and 4 February 1996. The poems without place or date.

All items in good condition. The letters on blue paper, and each in a stamped, postmarked envelope, addressed to 'Mrs Felicity Rhodes | North Lodge | 128 Banbury Road | Oxford'. Letter One (29 May 1995): 2pp., 12mo. He thanks her for typing the poem, which is 'only just the first part of a rather long one and doesn't really quite stand on its own - not that the whole thing comes off except for a few lines here and there.' he has 'never thought of having any Poems published', as he is 'only too aware of how sadly they limp along'. He has only shown them to 'one or two friends'.

Typed Letter Signed and Memo from the Claims Section, British Embassy, Athens, regarding clothing and money allegedly lent to Major Patrick Leigh Fermor by Kyriakos Pattakos of Amariou.

[Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor [Paddy Leigh Fermor] (1915-2011), British scholar, travel writer and soldier who fought in Crete in the Second World War] [Kyriakos Pattakos of Amariou]
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Letter addressed to Leigh Fermor from Claims Section, British Embassy, Athens. 22 October 1946. Memo without date or place.

Both items in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. The two are attached with a rusty pin, and there is a tiny hole at the head of the memo, affecting the word 'Kyriakos'. LETTER: 1p., 4to. Signature illegible. Addressed 'To: Mr. P. Leigh Fermor | British Council | ATHENS | From: Claims Section | British Embassy | ATHENS'. With 'Ref: 133/2803/109' and headed 'Subject: Force 133 Claim - Kyriakos PATTAKOS (2803)'. Requesting Leigh Fermor's 'general observations' on the enclosed memo regarding Pattakos's 'petition to H.M. Ambassador requesting payment of compensation amounting to £150/200.

Autograph Letter Signed 'Wm Fermor' to unnamed male correspondent.

William Fermor (c.1738-1806) of Tusmore, Oxfordshire
Publication details: 
3 February 1803; Tusmore.

4to, 2 pp, 14 lines of text. On aged and creased paper, with traces of cream paper mount adhering at foot of reverse. Showing the grammatical indifference of the English eighteenth-century upper classes. '[...] nothing but indisposition shall prevent my attendance at the meeting you was to good as to inform me that is to take place on Monday next of all the Catholicks of great Britain'. He is 'ill with a violent Cold sore Throat and fever' and doubts whether he will be 'well enough to undertake the journey to Town so soon'.

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