[Albert D. Shaw, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic.] Autograph Letter Signed to J. Rawlinson, regarding ‘the Resolution passed by the Board of Congregational Ministers of Manchester’, on the death of President Garfield.

Albert D. Shaw [Albert Duane Shaw] (1841-1901), American government official and New York Republican Congressman, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic [Manchester, England]
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5 October 1881; on letterhead of the United States Consulate, Manchester [England].

4pp, 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border (for President Garfield). 3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, a little worn and creased. Folded once. Signed ‘Albert D Shaw / U.S. Consul’, and addressed to ‘J. Rawlinson Esq. / Hon. Sec. / Old Trafford.’ He is in receipt of ‘the Resolution passed by the Board of Congregational Ministers of Manchester and neighbourhood, expressing their heartfelt sympathy, and that of the Churches they represent with the American people in the Calamity which has befallen them in he death of President Garfield’.

[ West Indies cricket team in England, 1963. ] Autograph Signatures of Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Wesley Hall, Lance Gibbs, Rohan Kanhai, and 8 others in the touring side. With three printed souvenirs (programme, brochure and 'record of test matches').

[ West Indies cricket team, tour of England, 1963; Sir Garfield Sobers; Sir Wesley Hall; Lance Gibbs; Rohan Kanhai; Derryck Murray ]
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West Indian cricket team in England, 1963.

A nice collection of souvenirs of a very exciting and interesting tour. The West Indies did very well indeed, beating England in the test series 3-1. ONE: The signatures on four pieces of paper, laid down on green 8vo paper backing, with card carrying maroon and black logo of 'West Indies | 1963 | England'. All in good condition, lightly-aged. First, signature of 'G Sobers' written across 22.5 x 11.5 cm magazine photograph of Sobers at the crease. Second, signature of 'W Hall' across 8 x 5 cm magazine photograph of face of 'WESLEY HALL (Barbados), age 25.', with swollen left eye.

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