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[British Army officer in Ireland following the Great Famine.] Diary of Captain H. M. Vaughan, 90th Light Infantry, while stationed at Ballincollig Barracks, including accounts of riots in Cork by 5000 'Paupers' and during the 1852 General Election.

Captain Herbert Millingchamp Vaughan (c.1828-1855), Welsh British Army officer in the 90th Light Infantry; Ballincollig Royal Gunpowder Mills, County Cork; Great Exhibition, London 1851
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Ballincollig, County Cork, Ireland; Llangoedmore, Wales; London; Between May 1851 and September 1852.

An interesting and vivid account of a British army officer's service in Ireland in the period immediately following the Great Famine. The author is stationed at the barracks in Ballincollig, built to protect the Royal Gunpowder Mills (at the time one of the largest in the British Isles). High points include a long account of a riot at Cork during the General Election of 1852; and descriptions of a riot by 5000 'Paupers' around the 'Cork Union' and the first Irish industrial exhibition, also at Cork in 1852.

Document (secretarial) Signed "Gassendi", addressed to "Monsieur le Comte". En francais.

Comte J.J.B. Gassendi
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[Printed heading: Ministere de la Guerre] 6e. Division / Bureau de l'artillerie / Poudres & Saltpetres, Paris, Le 27 Juillet 1811.

General (1748-1828)(biography on net). One page, sm. folio, good condition.. He acknowledges a letter in which he was asked about the "plans & . . . construction du nouveau magazin des poudres [de debit?] a Paris. Le devise & le plan de ce magasin ont ete renvoyes dans le temps a Me . . . administrateurs generaux . . . Il est essential de ne pas arreter les Tarvaux de Construction de ce magasin, afin qu'ils doient terminer pendant la belle saison."

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