[ Laurence Sterne. ] Seven engraved illustrations (five to 'Tristram Shandy') from Kearsley's 'Beauties of Sterne'; with 'Antiochus irato', engraved by Cornelius Bloemart from Pietro da Cortona.

Laurence Sterne (1713-1769), Irish author of 'Tristram Shandy' [ C. and G. Kearsley [ Catharine and George Kearsley ]; John Barlow; John Nixon (1760-1818); Cornelius Bloemart; Pietro da Cortona ]
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The seven Sterne illustrations from the twelfth edition of 'The Beauties of Sterne' (London: C. and G. Kearsley, Fleet-street, 1793). The Bloemart engraving published in Rome by Giovanni Giacomo De Rossi , circa 1677.

All items laid down on two leaves removed from an album. All in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The Bloemart print has been cut down to 21 x 31 cm., and is lightly creased. Taken from the 'Heroicae Virtutis Imagines', after the frescoes by Pietro da Cortona in the Sala di Venere of the Palazzo Pitti, Florence, it depicts Antiochus leaning over a pedestal at left, looking toward the priestess of Diana kneeling at centre.

Four Mimeographed Typed Chapters of 'C. D. N.'s American Diary', an account by Charles D. Notley of Notley Advertising Limited, of a trip to Canada and the United States, with accounts of meetings with Moholy Nagy, John Russell Powers and others.

Cecil Douglas Notley [Cecil D. Notley; C. D. Notley] (c.1900-1962), chairman and founder of Notley Advertising Limited [László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946), painter; John Robert Powers (1892-1977)]
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Canada (Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, Victoria) and the United States of America (Chicago, Troy, Seattle, New York). Covering the period 26 October to 27 November 1946.

The four items total 21pp., foolscap 8vo, on 21 leaves. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Comprising the four final chapters of Notley's account, each separately stapled and paginated: Chapter IV (26 October to 4 November), 6pp.; Chapter V (4 to 9 November), 4pp.; Chapter VI (9 to 17 November), 4pp.; Chapter VII (18 to 27 November), 7pp. For more information on Notley, see the appreciative obituary in The Times, 3 September 1962, and the letter by 'C. F. T.' in the same newspaper two days later.

One Autograph Letter Signed, one Typed Letter Signed, one Autograph Note Signed and one Typed Note Signed (all 'E. N. da C. Andrade'), to G. K. Menzies (3) and K. W. Luckhurst (1), Secretaries, Royal Society of Arts, with carbon of one reply.

Professor Edward Neville da Costa Andrade (1887-1971), English physicist, poet and historian of science
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1931, 1932, 1933 and 1948; the autograph letter on letterhead of 69 Exeter Road, London N.W.2, and the other three items on University College, University of London letterheads.

All items good. Two bearing the Society's stamp. Item One (typed note, 15 October 1931, 4to, 1 p): He is sending 'short summaries of the two lectures, in a form which I prefer to mere headings'. Item Two (autograph letter, 17 January 1932, 8vo, 1 p): He is sending 'summaries of the two lectures'. 'As you seemed in a hurry I have not waited to have them typed. I think that they are legible, but I will look at a proof if you like.' He has left it to Menzies 'to add any preliminaries or conclusions that may be necessary'.

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