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[ Martin Fischer, German classical musician. ] Duplicated copies of autobiography 'Martin Fischer erzählt aus seinem Leben' and book of poems '"Oden", Briefe lyrischen Charakters aus dem Blickfeld eines Musikers', both inscribed to Richard Hutchins.

Martin Fischer (b. c. 1931), viola player with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, husband of soprano Helga Fischer [ Richard Hutchins of Waynflete ]
Publication details: 
The autobiography dated from 'Berlin, im Oktober 2008', with inscription dated November 2008. The poems without place or date, but with inscription dated from London, 27 May 1981.

Both items in good condition, lightly aged, and both in yellow wraps, with plastic clamp at spine holding the loose leaves together. ONE: Autobiography. [3] + 46pp., 8vo. Illustrated with two full-page photographs of Fischer, one showing him as a ten-year-old boy, with autograph caption. The item is signed at the end 'Martin', and has the following inscription on a leaf of green paper at the front: 'Dear Richard, | Times went by, I promised to send you these pages because always the memories of our friendship and your Kindness are a big joy for us.

[Musician; Rostal ]A small archive of material relating to Max Rostal's musical career, including his Summer Schools, preserved by his secretary, Gladys Pankhurst.

Max Rostal (1905–1991) violinist, viola player and music teacher
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Mainly 1950s, 1953-1986.

Substantial Typed Letter Signed "Max Rostal", 16 July 1956, one page, 4to, good condition, in which he writes to Gladys Pankhurst, his secretary, from Salzkammergut, Austria, requesting additional items for his school - pieces of music (specific details), a recording, 600 Players cigarettes "on the boat" i.e. duty free for three people.

[Viola Garvin, journalist.] Typed Letter, written on her behalf by 'G. F.', to 'Sylvia Dear' (i.e. the Anglo-Irish poet Sylvia Lynd), thanking her for 'one of the nicest novel articles we have had', and asking her to review Somerset Maugham.

'G. F.' [Viola Garvin (1898-1969), journalist; Sylvia Lynd (1888-1952), Anglo-Irish poet, wife of the essayist Robert Lynd (1879-1949); Gerald Gould (1885-1936), reviewer with the Observer, London]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Observer, 22 Tudor Street, London. 14 August 1934.

1p., 4to. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. She thanks Lynd for 'one of the nicest novel articles we have had in Gerald's absence', and asks her to 'be an angel, and do something else for Viola, who is vanishing tomorrow for four or five weeks', in reviewing 'the Somerset Maugham book you wanted [...] I really think he is worth a long article to himself - 1500 words, and, if you care to, you can put in a word for Heinemann's edition of the Collected Works, which we send alongside. Mr.

'Change of Address' card of the composer and conductor Sir Eugene Goossens, addressed to the violinist Max Rostal.

Sir Eugene Goossens [Sir Eugene Aynsley Goossens] (1893-1962), English composer and conductor [Max Rostal (1905-1991), violinist and music teacher]
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Postmarked from Maida Hill on 16 September 1957.

Printed on one side of a 9 x 10.5 cm card. In good condition, lightly-aged and with a couple of corners slightly worn. The notice reads: 'Change of Address | Please note that | Sir Eugene Goossens | is now residing at | 76 Hamilton Terrace, London, N.W.8. | Telephone: CUNningham 9383'. Docketed in pencil at head (by Rostal?) 'Received 17th Sept.' Addressed on reverse, with stamp and postmark, to 'Max Rostal Esq., Highflower, 45, Brondesbury Park, London, NW6.

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